Top 15 Places to Visit When You’re in Gujarat

From world’s largest white deserts to country’s longest coastline, mountains to national parks, adventures to relaxed vibes and having the largest number of Asiatic lions in the country, Gujarat is an apt place for your next holiday destination. Here are a few places that you should visit while travelling to Gujarat:

Top 15 Places to Visit When You’re in Gujarat

1. Rani ki Vav

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The place is a step well which was constructed by the Queen of Bhimdeva. This was initially used to store groundwater. Now, cultural events, light shows and exhibitions are held here. The walls of the well are well sculptured and have images of gods and goddesses.

2. Gir National Park

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It is one of the most significant places to visit in India. It has the largest number of Asiatic lions and more than 300 hundred bird species. It also consists of 29 species of reptiles, more than 30 species of mammals, 96 species of invertebrates and more than 500 species of plants. Book a jungle safari and see the beauty of nature unravel itself!

3. Dwarkadhish Temple

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It was the kingdom of Lord Krishna and is one of the four Dhams. It is a very important place for Hindus and others come to see the beautiful architecture of the building. You can see the five-storeyed building and seek blessings. The pillars and walls of the temple are sculpted with dancers, musicians, celestial beings, elephants and much more. There are many more temples around Dwarkadhish that you can visit.

4. Great Rann of Kutch

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It is the world’s largest white salt desert and looks beautiful under the scorching sun. The atmosphere becomes very cool and relaxed at night but still looks amazing! The best time to visit this place is between November and march because Rann Utsav is been held during that period of time. You’ll get to see a lot of events, cultural shows, eat a lot of food and shop. Also, don’t forget to ride a camel in the white desert.

5. Polo Monument and Vijaynagar Forest

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There are many temples in Polo which were built between the 10th- 15th centuries. They are very ancient and the structure looks a mix of Hindu and Islamic traditions. Jeeps take you to see these monuments from the main city and during your travel, you get to trek Vijaynagar forest. It is a very exciting and interesting place to explore.

6. Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park

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It is one of the UNESCO’s world heritage sites and from far it seems like a scene from a storybook. Some of its sites are on the hilly area and the park has mosques, temples, forts, getaways, pavilions, tombs, helical wells, custom houses and palaces. It is not very far from the city and is a good place to explore history!

7. Sabarmati Ashram

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This Ashram was the second ashram of our great freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi. He planned various freedom movements here, important ones being Swadeshi movement, Civil Disobedience Act and non-violence. His room is still preserved and there is a museum which tells you all about Mahatma Gandhi.

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8. Marine National Park

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It is the first marine national park of the country and that is the reason enough to visit it. There are various kinds of coral reefs, aquatic animals and birds, aquatic plants in the park. For the safari, you’ll have to use the boat and is usually a ninety-minute ride from the coast to the main part. Fantastic beaches, picture-perfect coastline and clear water are the major characteristics of its surroundings.

9. Saputara

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Saputara is a hill station situated inside the state. Honey bees Center, Rose Garden, Lake Garden, Step Garden, Gira Waterfalls, Mahal Forest, Gandhi Shikhar and Sunrise Point are some of the major attractions. The atmosphere is pretty cool and relaxed.

10. Dholavira

(Image source- Harappa)

This place will allow you to explore Harappan culture and its civilization. It is one of the only sites in India that has some presence of the culture. It has five-thousand-year-old step well, sun-dried buildings and old reservoirs.

11. Lothal

(Image source- Harappa)

This site is all about unravelling Indus civilization. There is an old tank here and a museum which showcases various things of their culture. You can see terracotta ornaments, ivory objects, shell objects, duplicates of seals, tools, pots, copper and bronze objects, figures of animals and humans.

12. Palitana Jain Temple

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It is located on top of the Shetrunjai hill and is one of the most sacred temples for Jains. You’ll have to climb approximately four thousand steps and for people who can’t climb, there are palkis. There are around 108 temples, 872 small shrines and 700 images. From the top, you can see the view of the Gulf of Cambay and the whole state.

13. Laxmi Vilas Palace

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It took 12 years to build this building and it belongs to Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III. It has various important buildings inside the 700 acres plot. There is Moti Baug Palace, Makarpura Palace, Pratap Vilas Palace, Navlakhi step well, a small zoo and Maharaja Fateh Singh museum building. It is one of the grandest and beautiful structures of India.

14. Pols of Ahmedabad

(Image source- Ahmedabad)

These are unique residential structures that are built in Ahmedabad. Each pol has wooden windows, brackets, beautiful balconies, chabutras and chowks. These are one of a kind and you can only see them in Gujarat. It is one of the finest inventions of the architecture.

15. Wild Ass Sanctuary

(Image source- Gujarat Tourism)

Contrary to our idea of sanctuaries and national park, this place thrives in the middle of the desert with a harsh climate and atmosphere. It is the only hone of wild asses in India and has three thousand of them. It also has 32 other kinds of mammals and is 5000 square kilometres huge.

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