Top 15 Milestones in The History of Railways Around The World

Top 15 Milestones in The History of Railways Around The World

1. Public Railway started in 1825 

The world’s first steam locomotive was started between Shildon and Darlington, officially on 27 September 1825.

2. Belgium had rail tracks in 1830

Belgium had rail tracks started in the 1830s when it split from the Netherlands. The country took the lead in the Industrial revolution, thus showing the importance of speeding public transport for the era. British planning was going alongside, the first train was from Brussels to Mechelen, 1835. 

3. The Railroad era of 19th century 

The Railroad era of 19th century

The “Railroad” era was started from 1830(s) when Great Britain was laying tracks throughout. The steam locomotives were said to have begun the history of the rail. 

4. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad

After the success of New York public transports, the Rival Port had to gear up for their commercial success. The Baltimore and Ohio became the first Railway chartered for commercial transport for passengers and freight.

5. After New York, Great Britain and Belgium

Scotland was next in the race around 1842, the first intercity train was started between Edinburgh and Glasgow. They developed till 1850(s) to form a link between English Rail and the major cities of Scotland. The Garnkink and Glasgow had the first link in Scotland. 

6. India had the Railways in 1853

As India had the main port, East India Company was the reason that railway development in India took a good pace. The first rail was between Bombay and Thane to have passengers in 1853. There were three Steam Locomotives in Sahib, Sindh and Sultan to carry 14 carriage steam locomotive. 

7. Trains in Africa around 1860’s 

The first train to run in Africa was in mid-June 1860s between the Durban and the Point. It was the first steam locomotive to run in Africa

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8. 1870’s with the Railway Tracks

Class 150 Steam Locomotive made by Vulcan Foundry was introduced in Japan in 1871. It is one of the Steam Locomotives which ran between Tokyo and Yokohama in 1872. This line was the first railway line in Japan.

By 1880 the network had been aggressively built upon, gaining 55% of its 1870 mileage total to over 19,000. In total, the country’s rail mileage increased from roughly 53,000 in 1870 to 93,000 by 1880. 

9. In the 1880’s, the Railways had a grip on people’s attention 

This is when the first Southern Pacific Railroad train reached Tucson, Arizona, Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad building southwestward from Kansas, reached Santa Fe, New Mexico.

10. Manila-Dagupan Ferrocarril

In 1891, the Manila- Dagupan Ferrocarril took place, the colonial tracks had its first commercial run from the first time the tracks were laid.

11. First Diesel-Locomotive 

First Diesel-Locomotive

In 1912, the world’s first diesel locomotive had started in the summer of 1912, Winterthur-Rimanshorn Railway, Switzerland. The Prussian State had ordered a diesel locomotive but did not make it to commercial success.

12. China laying the Railway tracks

The Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway built from 1905–09, was the first railway to be designed. The Cheif engineer was Zhan Tianyou, who is known as the Father of China’s Railways.

13. Railways in Korea 

Railways in Korea

In 1896, a concession was granted to American businessmen Henry Collbran and Harry R. Bostwick to construct the Seoul-Chemboul  Railroad (SCRR). Its opening was on March 22, 1897.

14. Trains after World War-II

Trains after World War-II

 In Chicago, Rock-island and Pacific Railroad had the new units delivered over 350,000 miles around 1949, and had a main railroad between the Gulf and Ohio road. The train could’ve started earlier but was delayed due to World War-II. 

15. 1990’s tracks ran in Jamaica 

1990's tracks ran in Jamaica

Though all the places had fast trains running and pacing the passengers to reach their destination, the industrial revolution had almost gotten to the top with developments. Imports and Exports were doing great while Jamaica had been welcoming its first passenger train in 1992. 

Today, with great pride we talk about Bullet trains, Metros but where it all started was back in 1798 where horses were the engines to our hopes. The steam, coal, and diesel engines later developed with the course of time. Great Britain had the first call to make public transport run on specific tracks. I guess we welcome the latest while taking pride in the progress. 

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