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Top 15 Milestones in The History of Railways Around The World

Public Railway started in 1825  The world's first steam locomotive was started between Shildon and Darlington, officially on 27 September 1825. Belgium had rail tracks in 1830 Belgium had rail tracks started in the 1830s, when it split from...

Top 15 First Movies in Different languages.

Movies and popcorn is our idea of entertainment starting from the 1900's, I imagine how people lived before? We love the Hollywood action and the Bollywood drama but what makes the history of cinema so...


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Top 15 Destinations Ideas For First Time Backpackers

India It is a huge country with endless things to explore. It is also relatively less expensive than in other countries. The people in India...

Top 15 Facts about North-East India: The Seven Sisters

The seven sisters include states located in the northeastern part of India. These are the most attractive and beautiful regions of the country....

Top 15 Pictures That Provoke The OCD In You

(Caution: chances of Hyperbole) Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a term that suggests that you need things to be perfectly arranged or in a strict order....

Top 15 Horror Movies With No Ghosts

The horror movie genre usually has a lot of supernatural elements and jump scares that can make anyone be at the edge and sleep...

Top 15 Summer Essentials To Pack While Travelling

Summer in India stretches from March to June where the temperature rises from the month of March and goes to its peak in May...

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