Top 15 Most Unusual Beaches Around the World

From colourful sands to pink water, to glow in the dark beaches, nature gives us a whole collection of not-so-cliche beaches. These 15 naturally unique and unusual beaches in the world are a sight for the eyes and a must on the bucket lists of all thalassophiles!

Top 15 Most Unusual Beaches Around the World

1. Hot Water Beach

Where: Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand

Having a patch of thermal water bubbling just beneath the surface of the sand at low tide, this beach is famous for its natural hot water springs. What’s better than digging up your own spa pool and have a relaxing day at the beach?

2. Hidden Beach (Playa Del Amor)

Where: Marietas Islands, Mexico

This exotic and one-of-kind beach, hidden inside a crater formed due to bombings by the Mexican government, truly looks like something out of a fantasy novel with its azure water, wide cavern and extensive flora and fauna!

3. Maho Beach

Where: Caribbean Island of St. Martin

The ultimate attractions of this beach are the extreme plane landings on runway 10 of the Juliana International Airport, which is separated by the beach by only a narrow road and a rickety fence. The planes fly so closely above the beach that people can actually be blown into the water because of the jet blast.

4. Glass Beach

Where: Fort Bragg, California

The beach was a trash dump for the locals until the ocean smoothed and broke down the glass to what it is today. Nature converted the shards of glass into the smooth, coloured pieces that adorn the Glass Beach now.

5. Papakolea Green Sand Beach

Where: Hawaii

The mineral olivine found in the basalt of certain lava flows provides the unique green coloured sand and adds to the alluring beauty of the Papakolea Beach.

6. Zlatni Rat

Where: Brac, Croatia

One of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, Zlatni Rat is surrounded by crystal clear waters and is a unique shapeshifting beach. The narrow, white pebble beach, shifts with the changes in tide, currents, and wind, extends out into the sea 634 meters long.

7. Pink Sand Beach

Where: Harbour Island, Bahamas

The Bahamas boasts of the most fascinating beaches on Earth. The magnificent pale pink colour comes from microscopic shelled animals known as Formaminifera that are washed up onshore. With the serene waters and the beautiful pink-hued sands, this place totally looks like it belongs to a fairy-tale.

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8. Shell Beach

Where: Shark’s Bay, Australia

Trillions of tiny, pearly white shells replace sand at this stunning beach in Australia. A walk on this beach would be a truly unique experience.

9. Benagil Sea Caves

Where: Algarve, Portugal

Accessible only via sea, Benagil Sea Cave is a light-filled dome enclosing a gorgeous beach with turquoise blue waters. The dome itself is larger than one would expect and the sunlight streaming through the dome on the translucent water creates an enchanting effect.

10. Diamond Beach

Where: Iceland 

Right next to the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon is this charming beach, with dazzling icebergs shining bright like diamonds in stark contrast to the natural black sands of the beach.

11. Giants Causeway Beach

Where: Ireland

An absolutely eccentric natural wonder, the Giant’s Causeway is a collection of 40,000 interlocking basalt columns about 60 million years old created by quick-cooling lava. The myth claims it was angry giants chucking rocks into the sea.

12. Beaches in the Maldives

Where: Maldives

The beaches in the Maldives at night look something straight out of a Disney movie. Microorganisms called planktons which are bioluminescent in nature provide a beautiful glow to the water and radiate a vibrant blue light under the sea, making it look like a sky full of stars.

13. Red Sand Beach

Where: Rabida, Galapagos

As the name suggests, this beach in Galapagos has rich red coloured sands, unlike the usual beaches. The deep red colour in the sand comes from the high content of iron in the volcanic material found on the island. This island is also a paradise for nature lovers and is home to a sea lion colony, marine iguanas and a number of birds, including brown pelicans.

14. Las Salinas de Torrevieja

Where: Spain

The natural rose-tinted water of the beach is a sight for the eyes, as visitors relax by the calm, pink waters while being surrounded by pink flamingos.

15. Koekohe Beach

Where: New Zealand 

One of the world’s most bizarre beaches, Koekohe Beach is famed for the massive Moeraki Boulders, resembling huge dragon eggs.

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