Top 15 Adaptable Measures to Boost Your Intelligence

It’s time to discuss how to boost intelligence. Intelligent people benefit from their past experiences, act decisively, resolve difficulties, and accordingly adjust to new situations. Therefore, intelligence can be clarified as the capacity to accomplish and apply information.

However, with lots of research over a period of time, various measures have been found that can easily be adapted by anyone. So, let us go through all of them one by one.

Top 15 Adaptable Measures to Boost Your Intelligence

1. Introspection

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Sometimes, we all feel lazy and drained.

Do you think of getting benefits of exercise by just sitting in one place? If yes, then it’s the right exercise for you.

Researchers found that meditators stayed in the present moment longer. They have good focusing power, better skill and the ability to remember things. They can store and amalgamate new information. Who does not want to reap the benefits of such an easy mind power boosting exercise?

2. Wisdom From Others

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We cannot deny the fact that life is too short to learn everything through our own experiences. Life is an opportunity and learning and improving should be fun. Intelligent people learn from other people. Consequently, we need to learn from the group of wise people who take advantage of the good that life has to offer them. If you want to live in an intelligent way, pay attention to your own errors or to those of others and do not repeat them.

3. Consistent Exercise

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Living a healthy and balanced life in today’s hectic schedule is possible only through regular exercise. Exercise aids everything from your learning abilities to your attention span. Apart from these great rewards, it also improves the quality of sleep, energy level, and even your memory.

4. Exposure to Reading

Source: FitFreak

Smart people drill reading often. With practice, they enhance their word power and mental faculties. More training you provide your mind with by reading, more information you add into your brain. Studies found that reading even for 6 minutes, reduce stress by 60% and can alter your state of mind.

5. Follow Your Passion Instead of Imposed Dreams

Source: LifeGoals

When you are ambitious about your goals, striving and achieving them becomes your dream. When this innate feeling of passion gets associated with the mental faculties of a person, it results in making an individual handle his life situations more intelligently and managing them in fruitful ways.

6. Engross Yourself in News Reading

Source: Newsreel

Have you ever noticed those people who read the newspaper daily and can remember most of the things throughout their lives?

Enthral yourself in news reading and see the wonders it does in building your vocabulary, knowledge and contributing to overall mental development. Exploring provides information and general knowledge. It increases brain connectivity and rewires the brain.

7. Getting enough sleep every night

Source: Wikipedia

Adequate sleep is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Sleep deprivation affects the whole body of the individual leaving him feeling tired throughout the day. Lack of sleep hinders the functioning of the mind as well. Insufficient sleep leads to less consolidation of matter into the memory which will lead to forgetfulness. That is why it is recommended that one should take proper sleep during the night before an exam.

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8. Playing Mind Stimulating Games

Source: BrainO

Genius people are not born in a day. It takes lot of training and patience over a period of time. Brain-training games like Sudoku, chess, Crossword puzzles, Jigsaw puzzles makes you smarter. Utilize your time well with these power boosting activities. These activities do take time but making them a part of your habit will give fruitful results for sure.

9. Stress Management


Stress is common these days. It affects us both mentally and physically. Symptoms of stress include headache, tiredness, tense muscles, insomnia, etc. Limited stress is less harmful but exposure to stress for a long time affects learning and memory to a great extent.

10. Be Broad-Minded

Source: Pintrest

It is rightly said that if you have the ability to change, you are intelligent.

As there can be numerous probable solutions or conclusions, you allow yourself to think outside the limitations where you typically would have stopped yourself. One needs to be open-minded.

11. Make Connections Amongst Things

Source: LogicBlog

When one learns to make more connections on a day-to-day basis, it helps in developing ideas. Try to use as many senses as possible in making connections. It helps in better retention of ideas. The more organs involved in the absorption of information, the more outstanding your memory work will be.

12. Take Periodic Breaks

Source: BrainQuote

Want to be more productive at work? Take a break and get relaxed for a few minutes. Sitting at one particular place for a longer time makes one bored and inefficient. People who take breaks are much more productive when they went back to work. They are much happier, cooperative and work more intelligently than before.

13. Challenging Quizzes

Source: Minions

Willing to train your mind and have fun at the same time? For good retained learning, participating and working hard, make sure to challenge your mind with quizzes from time to time. A quiz keeps your brain alive and sharp. It enables people to think from different angles or simply ‘to think out of the box.

14. Appropriate Time Management

Source: Pintrest

Time is precious. Believe it or not, we have limited time and it’s slipping out of our hands day by day. Managing your time properly will make you more intelligent. You can engage in other tasks only if you have free time with you.

15. Apt Water Intake

Source: HealthBuddy

Our body consists of around 65% of water subsequently, you can very well understand the crucial role water plays throughout our body. Drinking an adequate amount of water is vital for our health. It is indispensable for maintaining balance in the body. Lack of water intake will adversely affect the functioning of the brain and body.

Now, it’s up to you: Do you want to be entitled as intelligent by following up the article or not?

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