Top 15 Myths About Mexico

Mexico is a very densely populated city with 13th-century temples, and cathedrals and has a lot more to visit. Apart from deserts and humid beaches, it has a lot of steppes, glaciers, and rainforests. Mexico City is the largest city of Mexico, yet it has a lot of myths being spread around the world. Today’s blog is about the myths related to Mexico City.

Top 15 Myths About Mexico

1. It is considered that Mexico City is dangerous but you need to chill, it’s all safe to be in Mexico City. You need to be aware of your neighbors, the locality, and transportation facilities to make it easy to stay safe. Mexico City is much safer than Chicago and Baltimore.

2. There is a myth about Mexico that the tap water is contaminated, so it is as simple as to know that you shouldn’t be drinking water directly from the tap. At home, you don’t drink water directly from the tap, right? All you need to do is buy some packaged water and they are quite cheap. To avoid contaminated food, list out some popular street food spots where you can chill out and have good food.

3. You must have heard that Mexico is all about margaritas but it’s all myth. Mexico has a lot of options in breweries, charanda, pulque, and a local, craft beer called cerveza cosaco.

4. Mexico is all about tacos and nachos but it’s not true, though. You can experience other variations of food like tostadas, tortas, and many more. To know more about every Mexican food, you just need to contact the local guides.

5. Mexico is known as poor in education but this is not true. MIT, Mexico is ranked 200 among 1673 Universities. The education system of Mexico is not quite mediocre and the National Autonomous University of Mexico is ranked 105th among 1600 Universities. The education system of Mexico has increased to a large extent and has made its position in the list.

6. Mexico is a poor country but no, it’s all false. Mexico has a population of about 127 million and economically, ranked 15th globally. This myth has spread a lot as Mexico has a huge number of middle-class families than Europe but at least they have a constant flow of income and contribute to the economic status of Mexico.

7. Mexicans are lazy but again, this is not true at all. Mexicans work a lot for their financial need. As compared to other places like Germany, and America, the people of Mexico worked for an average of 2,246 hours per year. This research has been conducted and proved by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

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8. Mexico is always hot as it is made up of hot deserts, and humid beaches. April and May are quite hotter as compared to July and August. Summer is like a monsoon in Mexico as mostly in summers, there are thunderstorms and rain. Mexico also has a lot of rainforests, jungles, grasslands, glaciers, and steppes.

9. Mexico’s national language is Spanish but Hey! Wait, that’s not true. Although the most spoken language of Mexico is Spanish, it is not the official language of Mexico. To be more appropriate, Mexico has no official language. Mexico has most of the indigenas natives who speak more than 68 languages.

10. Public transport is unsafe but to be honest, Mexican metros are pretty awesome, and females, as solo travelers, opting for cars are the best options. All you need to be alert is of pickpocketing and have an eye on your stuff as it is quite common in almost every big city. You can either call for an Uber or use the metros for easy peasy transportation.

11. Mexico has no history to be gloried at, yet this is a myth too. It has a lot of Catholics of ancient times, the Old Toy Museum is one of the options. To know more about these places, it would be better to contact the local tourist guides beforehand.

12. Mexico is a cheaper city. No, you are again wrong here. The prices in Mexico may be quite affordable for foreigners but the activities and accommodations come at every price point. Although you can easily get a meal for under 5 dollars USD, still Mexico contains some of the world’s best restaurants like Quintonil and Pujol where the meals cost high. Some of the best places to stay in Mexico City are expensive.

13. The US state warns to visit Mexico City. Now, there is less truth in this. This ranking by the Government is done on the basis of safety in Paris and London. You would be fine to roam in the streets of Mexico, if you love and feel free to roam in the streets of Paris.

14. Mexico has spicy food. This is a real myth about Mexico. Mexican dishes have different types of salsas and dips as sides that can be mild to fiery spicy as per the need. So, next when you visit Mexican restaurants, do inform the chefs about your salsa spices requirement. You can also enjoy soups and salads at those restaurants.

15. Mexico is part of South America. This is again a myth. Mexico is a part of NAFTA(North American Free Trade Agreement) with Canada and the USA. South America starts from Colombia and ends in Argentina and Mexico is far away from South America. Mexico has always been a part of North America.

These were some amazing yet unknown truths and myths of Mexico City. Mexico City has a lot of sights to be visited, yet these myths have made them unpopular. Do share your reviews about this blog. We will meet soon with another new, exciting blog.

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