Top 15 Useful Tools and Applications for Writers

Writing is, at its most basic form, a process of employing symbols to communicate thoughts and ideas in a readable form. With the invention of symbols began the systematic art of story-telling. Writers spend significant amounts of time writing, editing, and revising their work. Compiled below is a list of a few applications and online tools that are aimed at aiding the process of writing for such writers.

Top 15 Useful Tools and Applications for Writers

1. Pear Note

Writing can be a difficult headache sometimes when you want to write a long piece of work but don’t have sufficient time or wish to catch a certain deadline. The Pear Note is a quite useful application, “Pear Note” records a conversation and syncs it with one’s notes. One can then select a particular spot in the notes and re-play the corresponding part of the conversation. This can be useful if one is tired and wants to write a long piece of writing.

2. Google Documents

This is one of the most trusted applications that many writers rely on. This does not take a long time to load your content. It has a very useful and convenient word processor. Many writers trust Google Documents for their writing collaborations. In this, multiple people can write and edit the same document without much trouble.

3. Evernote

This application provides a great platform for collaboration, storing notes, and research-related information in an organized manner. Many times ideas may strike you all of a sudden and you feel stuck as you don’t find anything to pin them down. This app comes to your rescue as it captures your ideas quickly. This app also contains certain features that help you to record memos and add photos to your notes.

4. Write or Die

This app is a great push for people who procrastinate and are too lazy to write. This app is like that strict teacher you remember from your school who pushed you a little too hard. Write or die app is particularly useful for writers struggling with productivity and/or writer’s block, this tool pushes a writer to complete their target or face dreaded consequences.

5. Ommwriter

A minimal writing application for distraction-free writing on virtual pages. This app helps you to build your concentration. Many people regard their experience on this app as a relaxed one.

6. Cold Turkey

Allows the procrastinating writers to lock themselves out of certain websites and applications for a specific period of time to avoid distractions. This feature of this app helps you to build your concentration to a great extent. It helps in generating a huge deal of productive output.

7. Living Writer

Living Writer is the most trusted app in the field of creative writing. It has several built-in features that help the creative writing process go smoothly. This is an application for writing stories or books. It aids in arranging plots and stories using boards. This one also comes with a few pre-made storyline templates. These pre-made storyline templates ease your worries about not getting sufficient writing ideas.

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8. ProWritingAid

Grammar is not everyone’s cup of tea. Even some of the most established writers still end up committing the sin of loose sentences or grave grammatical errors. It is always suggested to be very sure about the grammar before calling your writing the final one. ProWritingAid is a  perfect application for proofreading and checking grammar and costs fifty dollars a year.

9. Dragon Naturally Speaking

All writers find this app a magical one. This app saves a lot of time. It is very fast and efficient in its processing. It has an inbuilt dictation-writing software which is not common in many of the writing apps available around. This app can write up to 1000 words per hour, it saves a lot of time while writing.

10. Write! Pro

A virtual workspace for writing and jotting down notes, it provides the facilities of cloud storage and can be accessed from anywhere.

11. Rev

Another useful application for writers is one can dictate a draft into the phone and upload it on Rev for paid transcription. The dictation process allows you to dictate long pieces of your writing without much problem.

12. Vellum

Many writers complain about publishing being the heaviest task out of the entire process. This is an app that can help writers in ways they haven’t imagined. Vellum is useful for formatting and designing e-books to aid self-publishing. Vellum is a very helpful app that makes the publishing process an easy one.

13. Ginger Software

Another tool to help check grammar and spelling mistakes. It comes with a feature that is very helpful for writers. Ginger software has the additional feature of translating a piece of writing from languages such as German or Spanish to English.

14. IA Writer

Extremely useful for writing short articles and blog posts. IA writer is not meant to deal with lengthy writing pieces and functions effectively for short articles.

15. Dynalist

Dynalist is one of the fastest outlining applications, it is extremely useful for creating outlines and bullet points for articles or for building well-structured plotlines. The application also enables sharing and collaboration.

Choosing the correct tools and application for writing is nearly as much a matter of personal preference as the preferred style of writing. Therefore, ensure that you stay open to experimenting with various writing software and tools to settle upon the ones that work the best for you.

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