Top 15 Educational Websites and Applications

With the onset of the Covid pandemic, digital education emerged as a great source of learning for those who were not negatively impacted by the digital divide. Many websites and applications reduced their charges or offered free courses to curb facilitate learning for all. Compiled below is a list of the top 15 educational websites and applications that serve as great sources of learning and development.

Top 15 Educational Websites and Applications

1. Coursera

It is an educational platform that offers MOOCS or Massive Online Open Courses from over 200 universities and companies such as Google. It also offers online degrees and Specializations as well as Professional Certificates. It is one of the most successful websites that covers so much diverse knowledge which makes even the difficult subjects look easy.

2. Khan Academy

A non-profit educational platform that creates brief videos and materials to create a strong foundation of concepts for the students. This platform does not give long tutorial videos but believes in keeping concepts crisp and brief.


It is an American commercial social networking website for academics. It is the most successful website which allows people to upload their documents without much struggle. Research scholars frequently upload their papers on the website for free. Many research papers from diverse areas and fields of knowledge are available under this single platform.


A research scholar’s paradise is a digital or virtual library that grants access to digital versions of published academic research papers, journals, magazines, and reviews among other content. Many universities and professors recommend their students to get versed with JSTOR due to its credibility. Science and arts are both given equal importance here.

5. edX

This is one special platform whose origins are a result of two genius and greatest universities in the world. It has been created by Harvard and MIT, it provides MOOCS or Massive open online courses from a wide spectrum of disciplines.

6. TED

A compilation of videos for free about talks given by experts from various walks of life, ranging from personality development to chess. This platform has inspired so many people around the globe. It has spread its branches all over and works to motivate and inspire people. The main aim of these talks is to bring a change in the lives of people.

7. ResearchGate

Another social networking platform for academicians and scientists, research papers are often uploaded on this website. Research gate dives into many areas that aren’t much discussed openly on other platforms. It is primarily useful for people pursuing research.

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8. AcademicEarth

An educational website that provides a combination of free and paid lectures in the form of videos from various universities and disciplines. The free lectures are limited to some extent while the paid lectures delve deep into the concepts and theories.

9. Audible

An online audiobook and podcast service that also creates original content. It is operated by so many people. It has made things for a quite lot of people. They have found it really helpful. It suits best to people who cannot read much but can grasp by listening to things. Audible has podcasts on various topics. It also has audible versions of tiring long plays and stories.

10. Codecademy

An online interactive platform that offers lectures in coding in twelve different programming languages for free including Java and Python. It is very useful for people who have a computer-based profession or are engineers. It enlists easy tricks and tips to carry out difficult processes of coding and program making.

11. Open Yale Courses

Yale is a prestigious institute where people dream of achieving an education. This platform is an open initiative by Yale University that grants free access to a series of introductory courses across various disciplines taught by highly qualified professionals and professors at Yale University.

12. Duolingo

A very popular application that serves as a language-learning platform, offering a myriad of languages to choose from. It is one of the most successful platforms that deals with the canon of languages. With this app, people can learn different languages without much trouble. It has a dictionary and provides step by step process of learning which is very helpful.

13. CosmoLearning

It is a non-profit educational platform aimed at providing free education to all children. This is a great initiative as it keeps aside all the barriers of economy and race. The main aim of this platform is to help students achieve education no matter where they come and no matter what all difficulties stand in their way.

14. Brightstorm

A website that offers brief lectures in the form of brief videos about a myriad of topics and is particularly useful for school students. It covers a diverse arena of topics with rich multiplicities in imparting knowledge.

15. RealCalc

A scientific calculator platform that includes percentages, traditional algebraic operations, or unit conversions. It is really helpful for students struggling with science and math which is a common issue with youngsters and even adults.

Thus, such platforms prove that with the advent of the digital age, learning through virtual platforms is becoming an easy and quick process, serving as a boon for the curious-minded.

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