Top 15 Nail Paint Shades for Working Women

Good looking nails are a very essential aspect of self-grooming that is often not paid much heed to. And more often than not, working females tend to neglect themselves while making time for almost every other person in their lives. If you’re a working woman, you should try to look after your nails yourself, paint them with some nice shades, or get occasional manicures done. That’ll be a good way, to begin with, some self-care. 

Also, corporate environments usually tend to be quite grey, so a pop of colour on your nails can definitely work to lift your mood and make you feel better. And having well-maintained, pretty nails doesn’t just help create fab first impressions, but also make you feel more confident showing off your hands while working on a keyboard, sipping coffee or giving a presentation at work. 

If you’re thinking that you’re gonna be reading about some dope nail paint shades that work exclusively for women who work in corporate firms, then that’s not the case. Because these Top 15 super chic nail paint shades can work equally well for any girl who wishes to flaunt subtle, elegant and classy looking nails!

Top 15 Nail Paint Shades for Working Women

1. Matte Grey

matte grey
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The Grey colour is extremely classy and has that formal kinda vibe to it as well. Grey matte nail paints look pretty fabulous, especially when paired with formal wear. The market has various brands which offer matte greys. It is a pretty good decision to have a few shades of light to darker grey nails paints, especially the matte ones.

2. Matte Deep Maroon

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This shade has complete Boss Lady vibes to it. Deep maroon colour looks freaking fabulous and is highly recommended for women of any age bracket. It is one of the chicest and most stylish nail paint shades. And the matte one in the very colour looks even more amazing on well-shaped nails.

3. Matte Black

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Black and white are the two colours that legit rule the entire galaxy of colours. There can hardly be another colour as captivating as black. Although this one is a little tricky to pull off, one thing is true matte blacks look far more elegant than glossy ones in terms of workplaces. 

4. Matte or Glossy Nude

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Nude shades are something that is here to stay. Be it as nail colour, lipstick, gloss or even eye shadow; these are ruling the beauty industry and how! Nude shade nail paints look extremely trendy, feminine and pretty. There are a bunch of different options to choose from, and matte or glossy look equally fantastic.

5. Matte or Glossy Mauve

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Definitely a personal favourite, mauve is an exceedingly beautiful shade to wear as a nail paint. Highly feminine, super chic and pretty wearable at various instances. Mauve, lilac, lavender or nude shades are among those which look great on toenails as well.

6. Burgundy 

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Now this one is a stunning colour. A burgundy hand bag, heels or even nail paint is sure to stand out. This colour has the ability to enhance the look of an entire outfit very easily. The perfect Burgundy nail paint shade might be a little difficult to find. However, once you procure it, make sure to use it more often than not.

7. White and Grey Ombré 

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The dictionary definition of Ombré is having tones of colour that shade into each other, graduating from light to dark. Ombré nails are a very interesting way to escape the monotony of just one single shade. Ombré white and grey from bottom to the tip of the nail looks pretty good with formal wear and even otherwise. 

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8. Pink 

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Pinks have usually been a favourite among young girls and women. Pink nail paints usually have a big shade card to choose from. They range from light to medium to darker pinks. The choice of shade depends on personal taste. However, glossy or matte pinks are always safe even when you don’t have time to figure out what to wear. 

9. French Manicure

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Another seemingly basic but really nice choice is to go for a French manicure. The white tips are good to go with basically any attire. In fact, for a while, people have ditched wearing just white tips and have started applying different colour shades for the exact same thing. Again, subjective in terms of colour but definitely pretty wearable. 

(Bonus: Instead of going the hard way, you can apply it by looking for some hacks on the web. One such hack is using BandAids)

10. White and Pink Ombré 

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One of the most natural and subtle choices to go for is this very Ombré. Starting with plain white from the bottom, gradually transitioning to a soft pink shade at the tips or vice versa. Coating a transparent nail paint or a top coat on top of it works well to seal and protect the nail colour. 

11. The Classic White

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Needless to say, white is an absolute must have in your nail paint collection. Not just because it serves as a base for various different nail arts but also due to the fact that it’s an elegant colour on its own. White nail paint looks good on most outfits.

12. Grey and Black Ombré 

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Another interesting creation would be a grey to black Ombré. Preferably matte as it is more elegant in the way it looks. This combination of shades is very stylish and if done the right way, the transition looks worth all those bucks. It maintains that corporate vibe with a hint of style.

13. Taupe

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Relatively lesser known and used, but a really warm and sober choice is the taupe colour. There is a pretty nice range of shades in this one to choose from. Be it glossy or matte, both look nice enough and go well with Indian formals as well. This shade also works well for toenails. 

14. Maroon and Black Ombré 

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Maroon and black is totally a winning combination when it comes to fashion or beauty. An Ombré nail art of maroon at the bottom transitioning to black at the tips looks nothing short of stunning. It’s definitely worth giving a shot. And the matte ones look far more subtle yet showy in a nice way. 

15. Red

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How can the colour red not make it to the Top 15 nail polish shades list? It is a part of the classics and one of the most popular nail polish shades ever. In fact, apparently, the evolution of nail paints as a thing had two colours initially: Black and Red. Matte red looks more calm and low-key than the glossy one. But yes, red is again a must have in your kitty.

Apart from these, you can always trust cool, pastel shades. They’re not just super trendy, but extremely beautiful as well. Also, make sure that you carry a sophisticated nail shape and maintain basic nail hygiene at all times.

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Why Mattes?

You must’ve observed how many of the shades mentioned in this list are matte. This is because, as much as beauty is personal, one cannot really fancy glossy, shiny or glittery nail paints at a workplace. 

In my opinion, matte nail paints look really classy and chic. They’re attractive, but not in a way you don’t want them to be. Such shades go really well with formal wear that is usually not super colourful as such and is mainly basic. And you know what? Even if your workplace isn’t really too formal, you can totally trust mattes to look gorgeous anyway.

They also last super long and there are tonnes of brands out there to get some! And if you think they’re a little heavy on the pocket, you can buy just a handful of them. Another tip is to make your glossy nail paints matte by mixing them with corn starch or baby powder to get the desired results. If you want to know the step by step process, Google is always there to the rescue!

Lastly, you can always try other shades and styles based on how you like it. There’s just one thing to be kept in mind: Never go over the top with something that is excessively conspicuous because these things exist to enhance your look and not be the centre of attraction.

Now that you are inspired, go ahead and spend some ‘Me Time’ by coating your nails with some awesomeness!

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