Top 15 Indian Locations For A Solo Trip

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Do we always need a company? Do we always want someone to accompany us? Should we always make group plans? The answer is an absolute NO! We can take care of ourselves, we can look for new locations and make memories all by ourselves! We are our own stress relievers! Have a look at these amazing Indian locations for a solo journey and rejoice in your own company!

Top 15 Indian Locations For A Solo Trip


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The Cultural Hub of Karnataka, Mysore is beautiful and among the safest cities in our country to go for a solo trip. The city is a popular tourist destination and is even crowded at night. There are plenty of water parks which are fun to visit.


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The holy city of Varanasi (also called Banaras), is a popular destination for the spiritually inclined. The sacred air there, the divine power of the town, and the Ganga Ghat Aarti cannot be missed. Thronged with crowds, the place has its very own charm. It is ideal to lose yourself there in order to find yourself anew as it’s commonly said that this is the city where people are reborn.


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We have heard of this one, right? We always make our dream plans to Shimla or to Mansoori with our gang! But why not visit this place all alone and bask in the serenity of snow-capped mountains and untamed wilderness?


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In love with peace, nature, beaches? Hang out locations should not always be bars and clubs, you can try out other peaceful, remote locations away from the bustle of cities. Spend some quality time with yourself here, you’ll get to know you better!


Marine drive
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Ever thought of standing still and numb at the Marine drive spot for some time with your arms open, just letting the wind wreak havoc in your hair? Feels oddly freeing and satisfying, doesn’t it? Try it some time. Fall in love with yourself in the midst of salty breeze and shimmering sand!


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Ever planned about sitting on a riverbank during the rainy season? Ever thought of turning back and plunging into a river with less crowd and more memories? River Shambhavi is the right place for you then! Enjoy the various activities offered.


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A bustling city with perpetually pleasant weather and moderate climate is Bangalore, now called Bengaluru! This metropolitan is thriving not only with life and opportunities but also a chance for you to have unrestrained fun and be young again.

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Punjabis love to do things on a grand scale, and with style! Amritsar, one of the holiest cities in India is also home to the world-famous Golden Temple which you should visit if looking for a place to connect with your inner self and meditate in a quaint kind of tranquillity even when surrounded by people.


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Mahabaleshwar is associated with the name of Lord Shiva and hence, is a religious hub. The beautiful landscapes serve as a prime location for people to visit it all year round. Located in the Western Ghats, this hill station is ideal to rejuvenate in the lap of nature.


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It is one of the oldest Indian cities which still holds a significant spot in India’s cultural and religious legacy. It is constructed in the shape of a lotus. Because of its abundance of beautifully constructed temples, it serves as an ideal destination for the travellers.


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Jaiselmer is a sprawling space of sand dunes, low valleys with smatterings of camels, and wholesome Rajasthani food. The entire state has a very rich culture of hospitality which is always appreciated when travelling somewhere alone. Palaces, museums, temples, and other fine specimens of architecture will take your breath away.


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This might look like a movie come to life, the part where the main characters lose their way and get stranded on the outskirts of a city. A scenic spot some distance from Chennai, Mahabalipuram is a beautiful, small temple-town which is surely a must-visit location. It used to be a prime sea-port of the Pallava Kingdom and is thus a World Heritage Site. Planning to be with lovable strangers? Go to Mahabalipuram!


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This place has the largest Tibetan temple outside Tibet and is also the monastery of the Dalai Lama. The upper part of Dharamsala, known as Mcleodganj is a very famous place for travellers, especially when the winters depart.


Zanskar valley
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For people who aren’t afraid of heights and have a lust for adventure in their blood, welcome to the most isolated of all the Himalayan valleys, Zanskar Valley in India! It is the perfect place to go trekking in solitude.


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Varkala beach located in Kerela is a peaceful cliff overlooking the Arabian Sea. Some of the sights to see here are Kapil Lake, Janardhan Swami temple, Ponnumthuruthu Island, Papasnanam Beach. It is an apt location for spending quality time with yourself!


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