Top 15 Practical Ways To Overcome Heartbreak

A breakup can be very devastating and traumatic. Terminating a relationship with someone with whom you made so many swearings and commitments can be extremely painful. It’s nearly impossible to forget all the moments you both spent together, and the more you think about it, the more painful it seems to forget that person.

At times, you might feel very depressed and might even encounter suicidal feelings. There may be genuine reasons for a breakup, but if you have been cheated on in a relation, here are some ways to overcome heartbreak.

Top 15 Practical Ways To Overcome Heartbreak

1. Block Contact

Block Contact
Source: Healthline

The first thing you need to do is to block every contact with your ex. Delete his/her phone number and block him/her from Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Telegram, and from every social platform. For some people, it might sound immature, but trust me, this is the most important step that needs to be taken. Being in contact with your ex, observing his life, or seeing him/her with someone else will only make you anxious and depressed.

2. Realize Your Self-worth

Realize Your Self-worth
Source: Thought Catalog

You might be going through a lot and thoughts like ‘Was I not worthy enough?’, ‘Why did he/she leave me?’, ‘Did I lack something?’, ‘Am I not that good?’, etc. might cross your mind, but you shouldn’t let such thoughts disturb you. Enhance your skills, keep working towards your goals, and always keep your confidence high. You deserve all the happiness in your life, and you are worthy of it.

3. Accept And Move On

Accept And Move On
Source: Psychology Today

You will have to accept the fact that your ex isn’t coming back to you, and you need to move on. Don’t be confused. Be firm with your decision, and whatever be the condition, you shouldn’t try to go back to your ex. Initially, it will be very difficult to let go of everything, but you will have to be strong and resistant to the temptations. Slowly and gradually, things will get better for sure.

4. The Reasons Why

The Reasons Why
Source: Gay Star News

Never forget the reasons why you took such a big step. When you love someone unconditionally, you tend to ignore the mistakes that your partner makes and it’s okay up to an extent, but not when it’s intolerable or when your partner takes you for granted. Jott down the reasons why you broke up and keep in mind the fact that he/she is not the one who is made for you.

5. Don’t Stay Alone

Don't Stay Alone
Source: Healthline

Always surround yourself with your near and dear ones. This is the time when you need the support of your friends and family members. Being alone can fill your mind with negative thoughts, and you will only overthink unnecessarily. Talk to your best friend, go traveling or go for a long drive and just enjoy your singlehood. 

6. Learn To Forgive

Learn To Forgive
Source: Wendy

Forgiving someone is the biggest virtue one can possess. Forgive all the mistakes and the mistreatments they did to you. That doesn’t mean you have to forget the wrongs they did, but yeah, forgive. God is above all, and he must have made the best person for you. Have faith in karma, so you need not have to take revenge.

7. Express Your Emotions

Express Your Emotions
Source: Thrive Global

Don’t keep your feelings suppressed. Express it out. Talk to a person who has already had a breakup and has undergone the same situation. Cry as much as you want; don’t run away from the memories that you both shared because that’s just not possible. The more you ignore them, the more impactful they will become.

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8. Read

Source: Medium

The best remedy for a heartbreak can be reading. Getting busy with something will keep your mind indulged, and you won’t think about anything regarding your breakup. There are many self-help books available that can be of great use. In fact, not just self-help books but books on suspense, comedy, science fiction, or some great personality’s autobiography can also be of tremendous help.

9. Keep Away From Alcohol And Drugs

Keep Away From Alcohol And Drugs
Source: Insider

Ending a relationship doesn’t mean that your life has also come to an end. Taking excessive alcohol and drugs for a temporary feeling of wellness and hallucinations aren’t going to do any good to you in the long run. In fact, you will have to suffer a lot and you can even succumb to this addiction. Remember temporary pleasures give permanent pain. You will crave higher doses every time you will try it and it will degrade your organs and your health.

10. Connect With Nature

Connect With Nature
Source: Thought Catalog

Nature has blessed us with so many precious gifts, and its beauty is limitless. Wake up early in the morning and go out for a walk. If going out is not possible, go to the terrace or your balcony and just breathe. The cool air, the chirping of the birds, the beautiful silence, the sunrise, etc. is very soothing and relaxing. Walk barefoot on a grass field. That’s an amazing feeling.

11. Seek Help

Seek Help
Source: Inside Ojodu

Sometimes, a heartbreak can leave you shattered, and you feel like ending your life. Your mind just can’t accept that the person whom you thought is your world, whom you loved and trusted the most, can leave you like this. Depression is a serious problem these days, and getting dumped by the partner is a common reason for depression. Seek help from a psychiatrist if nothing helps you.

12. Learn A New Skill

Learn A New Skill
Source: Loren’s World

As I have already mentioned, staying busy will surely help you a lot. Explore yourself; try something new in your life. Learn a different language, learn to swim, try painting, try any dance form, learn yoga, learn a musical instrument, or try singing. You can even express your emotions through poems or short stories, or you can even write your own journal. This will help you upgrade yourself, and you will stay productive.

13. Fix Your Circadian Rhythm

Fix Your Circadian Rhythm
Source: Insider

Your sleep schedule might have been disturbed due to the breakup. You may either be sleeping too much or too little. Both are not good for your health. Try to sleep early and wake up early. By sleeping on time, you won’t be wasting your time overthinking and grieving over the past, and by waking up on time, you would be able to connect to nature and will have sufficient time for your skill development.

14. Don’t Go For Another Relationship Too Soon

Don't Go For Another Relationship Too Soon
Source: Zencare blog

Take your time to heal, and don’t be in a hurry to find another partner. Many people come in a relationship just after a breakup to overcome the loneliness and the sadness that they’re facing. This in no way is going to help you. Indeed you may have another breakup and then say love hurts. Wait till the time when you become totally resistant to what’s going in your ex’s life, and it doesn’t bother you that much.

15. Stay Smart And Healthy

Stay Smart And Healthy
Source: Shape Magazine

Keep your self-esteem high enough. Dress well and embrace yourself. If no one compliments you, do it yourself. Meditation, physical exercise, yoga, and healthy eating habits will not only trigger positive feelings in you but also boost your self-confidence. Also, always keep smiling and your head held high.

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