Top 15 Websites For Free Online Learning

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Learning has taken numerous forms since its birth. From a normal classroom to virtual screens, mankind has absorbed knowledge in many ways. The latest version of learning involves the usage of technology and takes regular teaching to the next level. This version is popularly known as an online learning platform. So, if you also want to take some advantage of these platforms, then here is a list of top 15 websites for free online learning.

Top 15 Websites For Free Online Learning

1. Coursera


Coursera as the name suggests has made a revolution in the era of online learning. It has millions of courses designed by the top scholars and professors from international universities. The platform is so convivial that you will feel like studying in a classroom. Courses from all the disciplines are available on this website ranging from technology to psychology, Coursera has it all!

2. Udemy


Udemy is an American online learning platform founded in May 2010 to promote skill-based amongst students and professionals. It is a two-way platform where people from all over the world can learn and teach. It has a wide range of courses in all genres such as coding, web development, philosophy, etc. Udemy is a one-stop solution for all kinds of aspiring learners.


Edx is more useful for students and professionals that are looking for top-class education. It is a platform designed by MIT and Harvard University. This is why it has all the courses designed by the top educators of the world. You can take advantage of the premium courses for free in the form of an audit. However, in the case of certification, you need to pay some amount.

4. NPTEL Swayam

NPTEL Swayam

NPTEL Swayam is a special learning initiative started by the MHRD of India to promote online learning. This platform has all the courses designed by the top faculties of esteemed Indian institutions. The forte of this platform is that it has not set any qualification criteria for enrolling in any of its courses. All you need is a thirst for learning for getting into any of its courses.

5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Khan academy as we all know is a popular pioneer in the world of online education. It is especially popular for its school level tutorials. Khan academy is a savior for every student who finds it difficult to understand the simple concepts of textbooks. Be it any scientific concept or any math problem, just head to and you will get your answer!

6. Udacity


Udacity is a for-profit organization but still manages to provide free education. Udacity is primarily approached by people looking for vocational training. For a certificate program called nanodegree in terms of Udacity, one needs to pay some amount. On the other hand, people who are keen on gaining knowledge can access some of its courses for free.

7. Pluralsight


Many people try to build a significant brand name in an existing competitive market, but only a few succeed. One such team of developers at Utah US thought of building a solid name in the market of e-learning and hence Pluralsight was born. It is an amazing platform to find skill-based online courses for free. It lets you push your limits of the sky by providing wings to your learning.

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8. Code Academy

Code Academy

As the name suggests, code academy is the ultimate place for learning all kinds of programming languages. With the boom of technology, individuals have more gravity towards programming. This has created a hype of learning “how to code”. If you are also a coding geek, then join code academy to learn any programming language of your choice for free.

9. Academia Earth

Academia Earth

Academia earth is another online learning platform of its own kind. It has partnered with top universities to provide the leverage of free education to students across the world. You can easily find even degree courses or short term skill-based courses on Academia Earth. Some of its popular free courses are designed by faculties or professors from Harvard or Stanford.

10. Alison


Alison is a famous brand in the category of self-paced learning. It provides you the opportunity to gain certified knowledge from highly-qualified experts for free. Alison has both free and paid course collection. However, many of its free courses do provide certificates. Thus, enroll in any of its courses and earn knowledge with a certificate.

11. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is a familiar term for college students and working professionals. Unlike every other social media platform, it is a network of professionals. To take a step forward, LinkedIn has opened a world of free online learning in the form of You can just signup for free via google or your existing LinkedIn username to get started.

12. MIT OpenCourseware

MIT OpenCourseware

MIT stands for Massachusetts Institute of Learning. It is a pioneer in the field of world-class technological education. Taking this as a responsibility, MIT has launched its own online courseware. Under this, you will find properly structured online courses on various topics from science, technology, etc. Apart from that, you also get a legit certificate after the completion of any course.

13. FutureLearn


FutureLearn, like many other educational platforms, was developed in the second decade of the 20th century. It focuses on enhancing the knowledge and learning ability of people. It has partnered with many organizations to promote beneficial skill development programs. You can access many of its courses for free with a limited access period.

14. SkillShare


Do you believe that knowledge is not restricted to books only? If yes, then Skillshare would be the best choice for your online learning venture. Many experienced people from all over the world have put their hard work in designing quality courses. The best thing about Skillshare is that you get to access many of its quality content for free within the 2-month trial period.

15. Educba


Educba is an e-learning platform that provides training courses in various domains. The immense team of experts at Educba lets you learn every concept from scratch. You can find free courses in the category of programming, finance, business skills, etc. The precise quality of video lectures beat the classroom teaching quality.

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