Top 15 Signs Of High-Functioning Anxiety

Anxiety is a product of stress which causes more stress. While a little anxiety is normal especially if something big is about to happen for you, be it an event or a life decision but it is problematic when it becomes a part of your daily life and affects you daily. It is then you’re suffering from anxiety disorders. One is in which you feel that you require to function and work more often sabotaging other aspects of your life, it is known as high-functioning anxiety.

Top 15 Signs Of High-Functioning Anxiety

1. Excessive Planning

Excessive planning
Credits: Life Hack

You start planning everything meticulously, even the smallest of things. You may seem urged to do this before doing anything or going anywhere to avoid surprises. Surprises become your anxiety triggers.

2. Excessive Exercising

Excessive Exercising
Credits: Telangana Today

While balanced exercise never hurts anyone but it’s a problem if you have the urge to do more, a little more, a little more and then you’re stuck in a cycle which is hard to leave. It takes a lot of struggle for you to slow down or stop exercising.

3. Never Saying No

Never saying no
Credits: Tiny Buddha

You feel pressured to say yes to everything because you fear that others will leave you if you’re not always available. This results in excessive loss of effort and energy which causes you to leave the things you like to do.

4. Busy Schedule

Busy schedule
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You feel scared to be alone and that’s why you keep your schedule jam-packed. You have to be a part of every plan, be it extra working or taking part in co-curricular activities that never attracted you before but now you have an urge to take part in all of these just to keep yourself busy.

5. Fear Of Failure

Fear of failure
Credits: Dr. Jim Taylor

You work extra hard, plan every point, and execute it very cautiously just to leave no chances of failure. You work excessively hard just to keep failure at a bay because it stresses you out like nothing else.

6. Not Sharing Your Success

Not sharing your success
Credits: Lark Health

You work intensively hard to keep failure away, but you are uncomfortable in sharing your success because you fear that people may get away from you or may get jealous.

7. Enduring High Pressure

Enduring high pressure
Credits: Talk It Out

You have pressured yourself to keep enduring high-pressure environments just so you don’t seem weak and don’t miss out on something but seem to break down in solitude because of that endurance.

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8. Excessively Conscious About The Appearance

Excessively conscious about appearance
Credits: Do Something

You start making extra efforts to look perfect every time you go out so that everyone is impressed by you and no one judges you. You may feel that there is something always left and stress about different aspects of your appearance be it a natural problem on your facial features or your clothes and shoes.

9. Demand For Perfection

Feeling terrified
Credits: Life Hack

You demand perfection in every aspect of what you’re doing. You torture yourself in perfecting even the tiniest of detail and gaining the perspective that the thing is perfect and the contentment is nearly impossible. Other than that you demand perfection in every aspect which is seen by other people to keep people nearby and impress them.

10. Feeling Terrified

Feeling terrified
Credits: Health Line

When you torture yourself in doing all this, you may seem perfect and confident to others, but deep down you’re always terrified due to many reasons that you feel may go wrong or because you have talked yourself into feeling that nothing is going right.

11. The Constant Need For Reassurance

The constant need for reassurance
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You don’t rest or leave work until someone tells you that it’s perfect. You are in constant need of validation about your work, your appearance, and anything you do. You need your closed ones or everyone related to you to be vocal about you’re hard work or its worthless.

12. Overthinking

Overthinking, anxiety
Credits: Pinterest

You overthink all your decisions, all your thoughts, and ideas. You think the worst-case scenarios and dwell on negatives that include “what if”? It’s very difficult for you to think positively about any idea or decision of yours and overthink until the last point of anything.

13. Struggle To Fall Asleep

Struggle to fall asleep
Credits: Wall Street Journal

You struggle almost every night to fall asleep. You do all things ranging from procrastination to overthinking but falling asleep. You may also feel the urge to work rather than to sleep because you feel it as a time waste and torture your body and mind until insomnia grabs you.

14. Hiding Your Struggle

Hiding your struggle
Credits: ABC

You don’t want to share how much you struggle to always be on time, be perfect on every aspect that people see because you feel that they may become disappointed. This is the main reason you appear perfect on the outside and no one can know you truly eventually causing loneliness.

15. Coping Behavior

Coping Behavior
Credits: Psych Central

You have developed different coping behavior to endure nervousness and high-pressure situations. They may include nail-biting, constantly touching your hair, or perfecting any piece of clothing. You may also feel the need to constantly move your legs or hands. You can’t sit or stand still and are constantly moving in minute movements.

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