Top 15 Simple Ways To Spend Sunday

Weekdays are our enemies; Sunday is our best friend. We long for Sundays after exhausting ourselves with the work and responsibilities burdened by life. But on Sunday, if asked how to spend it, we face a dilemma. We have all the free time in the world, yet we don’t know how to use it. To beat these Sunday blues, focus on what will make you happy. You can either enjoy this solitude or do productive things. Sundays are a time for relaxation and to seek your creative side. So make the most out of it.   

Top 15 Simple Ways To Spend Sunday

1. Wake Up Late


After a strenuous working on the weekdays, we deserve this. Pamper yourself with the beauty sleep, and wake up whenever you feel like. You are free from all the rules on Sunday. Everyone’s enemy, the alarm clock, proves to be futile. Make sure to switch it off on Saturday night. 

2. Join a Workshop


It is a good opportunity to utilise this free time to attend a workshop. It is a chance to learn something that you never did before. Challenge yourself with new things and dedicate this crucial time to pursue any artistic endeavour. 

3. A Library Date


Your busy schedule doesn’t let you read awesome books. But you can break that cycle by spending some time in the library. The library cloaks you from the hectic and stressful world. Find a comfortable corner and lose yourself within the fabricated world of the novel. Not only is it delightful but it also boosts your creative thinking.  

4. Do Grocery Shopping

grocery shopping

It is almost difficult to visit the market now and then for minimal things. Why not plan and utilize this free time to do grocery shopping? On Sundays, there is no haste to do shopping. Plan and stock up your refrigerator with your favourite snacks for the weekdays in advance.

5. Catch Up with a Friend

catch up with friends

As we grow, we move apart from our friends. The race to strive in work burdens all of us, and with that, we say goodbye to friendships. Phone your friend, and engage in a lengthy conversation. Or else have a rendezvous at your favourite places. Recollect those notorious adventures shared with your friend. 

6. Join a Creative Class


If you are bored with a monotonous and repetitive routine, then joining a different creative class unrelated to your routine might be a good idea. We need a change. You can be a part of creative activities like drawing, acting class, calligraphy, etc. Pursue your passion in this free time. 

7. Cleaning is Good


A cleaned house is next to paradise. Those dreaded chores you ignored throughout the week stale the house’s atmosphere. On the busy days, we overlook this condition. It is the best day to clean and arrange your messy home. Do a rain check on your friends and family if they are coming before the cleaning spree.

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8. A Movie Marathon at home


Imagine this: A dim-lit room with pizza boxes lying over; you are in comfortable clothes and watching your selected movies/sitcoms back-to-back. How relaxing it sounds! You do not have to waste money by going to the cinema. Call one of your friends to accompany you if you wish.   

9. Freelancing


Make Sundays your freelancing day! Wanted to pursue your favourite creative job? Wanted to take a side project resulting in side income? Then working on Sundays might be a better idea. Many freelancing websites have work from home jobs with minimum difficulties. They also do not require you to be available full time.    

10. Exercise 


We forget to be concerned with the body and mental health while drowning in our lives. Participate in some gentle exercise without tiring your body. You do not have to attend the gym necessarily. A small walk in the garden or doing yoga would be sufficient for good health.       

11. Journaling


It will be easier to prep the coming week ahead. Journaling is a good exercise. Journaling is used for planning and for organizing goals/activities. Revive the hidden artist in you and start doodling in a journal. Journaling is a self-exploration tool. Write about the unforgettable moments that happened on weekdays. Express your thoughts about it.     

12. Host a get-together

get together

If you never run out of energy, then hosting a party on Sundays will be fun for you. It need not be a mocktail party necessarily. It can be a fun and casual party with family members or friends. Isn’t it a better way to spend Sunday with people who are equally enthusiastic as you?

13. Cooking Escapade


Give your maid a holiday for a day and cook a meal for yourself. For those who don’t know how to cook, you can self-teach cooking by watching food videos on YouTube. It is quite therapeutic. Moreover, who doesn’t like the smell of freshly baked cookies?    

14. Bubble Bath


What is the better way to wash away all your predicaments than a beauty bath? Do not hesitate to pamper yourself. Take your favourite soaps, ointments, shampoos, etc. Light your whole bathroom with your favourite scented candles. Breakaway from the world and engross into the soulful and soothing music in the background while you take a relaxing bath. 

15. Blogging


Blogging is a frequent choice for many people. Many part-time bloggers choose the weekends to work on their blog. Despite people being less serious about it, blogging requires hard work and commitment. This stress-free time benefits your mood for writing. Hence, get into your groove and focus on publishing the blog on time.   

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