Top 15 Indian Spices And Their English Names

Every kitchen has these amazing aroma ingredients that include a plethora of Indian spices there. Have you ever wondered what are they called in English? They are very much known to us, by their household names like Haldi, Ajwain, but we still don’t know what they are called in the English language. Let me help you by presenting some of the Indian Spices with their English names.

Top 15 Indian Spices And Their English Names

1. Ajwain – Carom Seeds

Ajwain - Carom Seeds

These are little brown seeds, used to give flavour and they also serve as antacids. These are called – “Carom Seeds”.

2. Hing – Asafoetida

Hing - Asafoetida

The best aroma in the kitchen is because of this spice. This spice is called “Asafoetida” in English.

3. Dalchini – Cinnamon Sticks

Dalchini - Cinnamon Sticks

Dalchini or cinnamon sticks are used in curry dishes and rice. It is used as a flavoring that imparts or increases the aroma of the dish.

4. Saunf – Fennel Seeds

Saunf - Fennel Seeds

These are the green-colored seed-like structure which is sometimes used as a mouth freshener. It is called “Fennel seeds”.

5. Methi – Fenugreek Seeds

Methi - Fenugreek Seeds

These are brown seeds, little bitter in taste, but one of the favorite flavors of an Indian mother. These are called “Fenugreek seeds”.

6. Alsi – Flax Seeds


This flavor has many curing natural oils. This is called “Flax Seeds”.

7. Amla Powder – Gooseberry Powder

Amla Powder - Gooseberry Powder

Flavor adding a touch of sourness in taste is Amla. It is also called “Gooseberry powder”.

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8. Kalongi – Nigella Seeds

Kalongi - Nigella Seeds

This spice is used especially to make pickles. Interestingly in English, it is called “Nigella seeds”.

9. Kali Mirch – Peppercorns

Kali Mirch - Peppercorns

These is black coloured chilli flavour seeds, these are called “Peppercorns”. It is one of the most used Indian spices.

10. Til – Sesame Seeds

Til - Sesame Seeds

Who does not like “Till ke laddoo”, wherein our language it is known as Til, in English, it is called “Sesame Seeds”.

11. Khas-Khas – Poppy Seeds

Khas-Khas - Poppy Seeds

These tiny kidney-shaped seeds are called “Poppy Seeds” when we talk about them in the English Language.

12. Jay Phal or Supari – Nutmeg

Jay Phal or Supari - Nutmeg

This is a ground spice. It is called the “Nutmeg”. This is used in preparing flavored Betel or Paan.

13. Elaichi – Cardamom

Elaichi - Cardamom

Elaichi or cardamom is used as an aromatic agent in many dishes including biryani, pulao, or any sweet dishes.

14. Imli – Tamarind

Imli - Tamarind

This sweet-sour flavour adding the spice of Indian kitchen, which is sometimes also served as “Chutney” is called “Tamarind”, in the English language.

15. Zeera – Cumin Seeds

Zeera - Cumin Seeds

This is the soul spice of the Indian kitchen. No dish is made without this particular spice. This is called “Cumin seeds”.

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