Top 15 Things To Consider Before Reading Midnight Sun By Stephanie Meyer

The first book of The Twilight Saga was an instant hit, especially among youngsters. The book’s success led to its adaptation into a film series starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Author Stephenie Meyer, after completing the core series of 4 books, went on to write spin-offs namely Life and Death, which is the same as Twilight but with gender swaps, and The Short Second Story of Bree Tanner, which is about a character featured in the original series.

When she was in the process of writing Midnight Sun, which focuses on the perspective of Edward Cullen(male protagonist), the first few chapters got leaked led her to shelve the book indefinitely. Finally, the writer released Midnight Sun on 4th August 2020. All the questions which were left unanswered about what was in the mind of Edward all through the previous books and films are answered in Midnight Sun. Let’s look at the top questions that Twihards would have in their minds before reading the book.

Top 15 Things To Consider Before Reading Midnight Sun By Stephanie Meyer

1. Edward’s Early Life

Midnight Sun
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It would be good to know the details of the time when Edward was still a Masen. What was his life like back then? How did he cope with his new life as a vampire? Apart from the blood quench, what was his reaction to listening to the voices of all the people around him in his mind? Was it exciting for him, or did he feel anxious and annoyed?

2. Alice And Edward’s Relationship

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People have always wondered why Edward was so close to Alice throughout the series. He literally loves her as a little sister. Even if she irritates him sometimes, he confides in her.

Although he was the first to be added to the clan by Carlisle, and Alice was the last with Jasper, Edward’s relationship with her is quite different than what he has with other members. So people would really like to know the reason behind it.

3. Edward’s First Impression Of Bella

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We all know that this is the base of the books and the films, but we would really like to know about his first impression of Bella. Was it an attraction that came first or anxiety that came due to not being able to read her mind that pushed him closer to Bella?

4. Edward’s Perspective Of Bella’s Insecurities

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Our female protagonist is a clumsy damsel in distress, much of it because of her own insecurities about herself and others. Even after meeting Edward, she consistently questioned her abilities and qualities. Although Edward loves her with all his heart, the readers might be curious to know if he has felt agitated by her attitude even once. 

5. Edward And Rosalie’s Relationship

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We all know that Rosalie was always at loggerheads with Edward because he rejected her as his potential partner. But why in so many years? Why didn’t Edward try to talk to her about it? What was Edward’s reason for keeping the relationship as it was and not bettering it?

6. Edward’s Reaction About New Members In The Clan

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Edward was the first member to be added to the clan by Carlisle, and all the other members joined after him. We know that Edward was not happy about Rosalie being added to the clan, but how did he feel when Esme, Jasper or Emmet joined the group?

7. Edward’s Thoughts About The Boys In School

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Forks being a small town, Bella joining the school was the talk of the whole town, especially for the boys of Forks High School. We’ve seen and read in the books how Mike was interested in Bella. Not that Edward was in any way less than them, but did it bother Edward to realise how easy it was for normal boys like Mike to get close to Bella?

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8. Edward’s Turmoil

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We are aware of the pain and turmoil that Bella went through when Edward and his clan left Forks, but what about Edward? People need to know what it was like for Edward to say those things he said to the girl for whom he waited for centuries, just to keep her safe. Moreover, Bella found solace in Jacob, but there was no one for Edward.

9. Edward And Jasper’s Relationship

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What actually happened in the duration between Jasper attacking Bella and Edward breaking up with Bella in New Moon? What was the relationship between Edward and Jasper after the incident? Moreover, how long did it take for things to get back to normal between them?

10. Edward’s Take On Bella And Jacob’s Kiss

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We all know what went down when Jacob first kissed Bella. But when it happened again in Eclipse, this time with Bella’s consent, how did Edward feel about that? We know he acted quite mature in the situation, but did he feel jealous and insecure?

11. Edward’s Control

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Although the line “I may not be a human, but I’m a vampire” suggests Edward’s longing to touch Bella, but people need to know how difficult it was for him to control and tame his urge to drink Bella’s blood.

12. Edward’s Insecurities

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Readers want to know the reasons for Edward’s difficulty in believing Bella’s feelings for him. He often called himself words like ‘masochistic’ and ‘bad guy’. Although he helped Bella overcome her insecurities, it is important to know that he might also be affected by similar things.

13. Edward And Tanya’s Equation

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Esme and Carlisle wanted Edward to end up with Tanya, a member of a clan like theirs. But Edward was hesitant and never wanted it, even though Tanya was head over heels for him. A little insight into their chemistry and talks would bring clarity, and it will add an exciting angle in the whole plot.

14. Edward’s Reaction To The Lady On The Island

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What was the reason behind the lady on the island knowing that Edward was a vampire? Was there a history between the Cullens and the caretakers or was it her own intuition? What was Edward’s reaction to her knowing the secret? A little insight here would help a lot, which is where Midnight Sun comes in.

15. Edward’s View About The Baby

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During Bella’s pregnancy, everyone was against her giving birth except Rosalie. But when the baby came out, how did Edward feel to be a father?

Bella, Rosalie and Jacob’s relation to Renesme is highlighted in the books, but Edward’s relation to her is not stated equally. We need insights into his relationship with her. His reaction to Jacob imprinting on his daughter is also something that the readers are eager to know about. 

I guess every Twilight fan must have the questions mentioned above and thoughts in their minds before starting Midnight Sun.

Midnight Sun is an important book in the series, as it narrates the story from Edward’s perspective, which is important for the readers to understand the “former human- now vampire” hero better.

So keep appreciating your curious minds and satiate it by grabbing a copy of the Midnight Sun! 

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