Top 15 Indie Music Bands Of India

Indie music is a much-loved genre. Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes could be your favourites, but how many of you knew that our Indian bands are doing exceptionally well in this genre? So, we are presenting to you the top 15 Indie music bands of India. They are accessible on some major listening platforms for you to give them a try.

Top 15 Indie Music Bands Of India

1. The Local Train

The Local Train
source- indulge express

This band is the heart of Indie Rock music in the country. Not only is their music outstanding, but their lyrics in Hindi and Urdu languages touch the souls of the listeners. This music band was formed in 2008 in Delhi, and it consists of four members. “Aaoge Tum Kabhi” and “Choo Lo” from the album Aalas Ka Pedh are some of their best songs.

2. The F16s

The F16s
source- a humming heart

This music band of five members from Chennai, India, produces music in the Pop and Rock n’ Roll genres. Kaleidoscope, Triggerpunkte, Wknd Frnds are the three albums released by The F16s to date. 

3. Sulk Station

Sulk Station
source- indulge express

Sulk Station is a Trip-hop/Electronic band formed by the duo Rahul Giri and Tanvi Rao. Critics and the audience highly appreciated their debut album Till You Appear. Dheere/Deewarein is their latest album.

4. Skrat

source- edexlive

Skrat was the dream of a college music group that was reborn in 2011. This Chennai based band is one of the most adored and energetic bands with a huge fan base from South India.

5. Peter Cat Recording Co.

Peter Cat Recording Co.
source- GQ India

This band from Delhi has released four albums titled Sigma, Bismillah, Wall of Want, and Climax. Their Jazz music is impeccable to listen to.

6. Black Letters

black letters
source- platform mag

This rock band from Bangalore has four Malayali members, and it is among the popular bands from South India. After their debut album, Shapes on the Wall, released in 2014, they released an EP in 2015 and many singles, which critics have highly praised.

7. The Family Cheese

the family cheese
source- hire4event

The Family Cheese was formed in 2011. Their first album launched in 2016 produced some unique songs like “The Rap Melody”.

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8. Nicholson

source- MensXP

Nicholson, a Mumbai based Electronic band, was formed by singer, songwriter, and keyboard artist Sohrab Nicholson and drummer, producer Rohan Ramanna. “Cold Water” by Nicholson is one of their popular songs.

9. Maati Baani

maati baani
source- creative yatra

Maati Baani is the brainchild of Nirali and Kartik, the duo producing songs with a classic combination of Indian roots and Western Pop music. This fusion band is based in Mumbai and produces music in collaboration with many national and international artists.

10. Kanchan Daniel & The Beards

Kanchan Daniel & The Beards
source- whatshot

Kanchan Daniel (the vocalist) and Mukesh Lobo (the keyboard artist) formed this band in 2012 in Mumbai. The band’s mixed genre of Blue and Rock is worth listening to.

11. Clown With A Frown

clown with a frown

Clown with a Frown has a maximum of nine members. Their first album Love Intoxication will definitely give you some classical music nostalgia, especially the “Gimme Sunshine” song.

12. Madboy/Mink

source- letsintern

As the band name suggests, their music is energetic, and the live performance is surprisingly incredible. Well, so are their albums/EP. They released three EPs titled All Ball, Union Farm, and PESF in the year 2014, 2015, 2018, respectively.

13. A Mutual Question

a mutual question
source- rolling stone India

This newly formed group in 2013 is the new student in the class, but definitely the talented one. Compared with other bands on the list, their music is not widely recognized, but they have great potential. Moreover, the members of the band are good with instruments.

14. Ankur & The Ghalat Family

Ankur and the Ghalat family
source- LLB

Maybe you are familiar with the name ‘Ankur Tiwari’, known for his soulful music and beautiful lyrics, but you could be unaware thatAnkur’s idea led to the group’s formation. Music created by this group is relaxing, and the lyrics are pretty relatable.

15. The Yellow Diary

the yellow diary
source- brown girl magazine

The Yellow Diary is like that person in your life who provides your mind with a sense of calmness that no one else can. Their music is soothing, and the lyrics speak to you. Basically, The Yellow Diary is like your personal diary.

Indie music is a genre that gives heart-warming, out of the box vibes, and that’s why they have a completely different fan base. Here, we have tried to present a combination of newcomers and well-known bands in the Indian Indie music scene. Listening to them would make you feel better, and you might even create a new ‘favourites’ list on your playlist.

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