Top 15 Tricks to Wearing a Blonde Hair Wig If You’re A Black Woman

There isn’t a style that black women can’t kill it in, and blonde hair wigs aren’t an exception. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a bombshell look or something a bit softer and more natural; there are certain tricks to wearing blonde hair wigs that will make them look more believable when worn by darker-skinned women. This is true whether you’re going for a bombshell look or something a bit softer and more natural. When it comes to looking natural when donning a blonde wig as a black woman, getting the color, cut, and style methods just perfect may make all the difference in the world.

You are all aware that going from having black hair to blonde hair is quite challenging, and the majority of the time, it is impossible to accomplish so without causing damage to your hair. Because of this, we have produced this list of 15 helpful hints and suggestions for black women who want to wear blonde hair wigs. These pointers can assist you in locating the ideal blonde wig to complement your own appearance, regardless of whether you want a complete sew-in or a short bob.

Find Your Perfect Shade of Blonde:

It is essential that you choose a shade of blonde that complements your skin tone if you want to create a good first impression. This will help you stand out from the crowd. Because there is such a wide range of skin tones among African American women, there is no one specific shade of blonde hair that looks well on all of them. If you’re having trouble deciding which shade of blonde would complement your features the most, you may want to think about looking to some of your favorite singers and actors for ideas.

Always Bleach the Knots of The Wig:

Why does bleaching the knots of a wig matter so much? When it comes to experimenting with blonde hair, the primary worry of black women is the possibility that it may not seem natural. It is in your best advantage to bleach the knots of the wig so that you do not end up with a hairdo that looks wiggy. By bleaching the knots, the finished hairdo seems cleaner and more natural, and it comes close to mimicking the appearance of the scalp. Now, when it is time to lay the blonde hair wig on top of your head, it will effortlessly blend in, giving off the illusion that it is growing out of your scalp. This will give the impression that it is growing out of your scalp.

Cut or Layer Your Blonde Wig:

You could consider style methods such as trimming or layering your blonde wig if you want it to seem more natural and less obvious that it is a wig. An excellent approach to give the appearance of natural volume and bounce to the hair is to slice it up into layers. If you want to try something new and shorter, having your hair cut short is a great way to add some texture to your overall appearance.

Wear a Wig Cap:

The use of a wig cap is highly recommended if you want your natural hair to remain secure and lie as flat as possible while wearing a wig. It is highly recommended that you wear a wig cap beneath your blonde hair wig in order to have a smooth and level surface for anything you want to wear on top of it. A wig hat of high quality will not only assist in preventing perspiration and oil from seeping into your blond hair wig, but it will also help prevent the wig from slipping and seeming unnatural.

Make Sure the Wig Has Parting:

When you wear blonde hair wigs, the portion of your wig has to be designed so that it complements the contour of your face. You may get an even more natural appearance for the wig by parting it in the center or to the side. This will make it seem as if you are wearing your own natural hair. In the event that the wig does not arrive with a pre-made parting, you are able to make your own by inserting a comb into the hair and then separating it in the desired manner.

Beware of Blonde Synthetic Wigs:

It is imperative that you make an informed choice while you are shopping for blonde hair wigs. It is common knowledge that blonde synthetic wigs have a high propensity for excessive shedding, tangling, and knotting, in addition to having a glossy and plastic-like appearance. The lifespan of these wigs is quite brief due to the fact that they are not constructed from real hair but rather from synthetic fibers. If you want to avoid having a bad time when you experiment with a blonde wig, you need to make sure that you are aware of what to look for and how to properly care for it.

Try Rooted Color Wigs:

A rooted-color wig will produce a more natural appearing blonde hairstyle than a wig that is the same color over the whole head. If you choose one with honey blonde or brown roots, the end result will be an appearance that is much more lifelike. A lifelike appearance may be given to wigs via the use of color gradation; thus, it is important to get a product that has this characteristic if you want your appearance to be convincing. If you are unable to get one that has rooted hues, you should go for one that is blended and has two distinct tones of blonde to provide dimension. You might also consult with your hairstylist to find out how to get a more natural appearance with it.

Lay Down the Blonde Baby Hairs:

Because your wig will not have a natural appearance if you do not use baby hairs, it is very necessary to lay baby hairs all around it before you wear them. Baby hairs, also known as flyaways or edge-control, are thin strands of hair that are used to frame the face and give texture to a look. Baby hairs are also known as “edge-control.” Because they provide the impression that the hair is sprouting from your own scalp, they are particularly vital to have while you are wearing a blonde wig. If your unit does not come with edges, you may make them by removing a few of the hairs in the front of the wig; this will present a more realistic hairline. If your unit does not come with edges, you can create them by trimming a few of the hairs in the front of the wig.

Use Light Hair Products on Blonde Wigs:

Nobody wants their blonde hair wig to seem like a greasy mess; consequently, it is essential that you avoid using excessive styling products. Because strong chemicals are used to remove black hair to get the desired lighter color, the strands of a blonde wig are inherently more brittle than other wigs and may be quickly destroyed if exposed to too much product. To avoid this, use lightweight treatments such as hairsprays, mousses, and serums instead of heavy gels, hair creams, or thickening lotions. This will not only maintain the wig looking good but will also ensure that it lasts a long time.

Stay away from Over-Heating Blonde Wigs:

Nothing damages a blonde hair wig more than heat. If you want your wig to stay healthy and shiny, you should avoid applying too much heat on it. Flat irons and curling wands should be used on the lowest setting possible, or better yet, wrap your wig with bobby pins or roll it with flexi rods. Too much heat may cause hair to become dry and brittle, as well as dull its sheen. So, as far as possible, refrain from over-styling your wig.

Beware of Shampoos with Sulfates:

To keep your blonde wig in pristine shape, invest in a mild shampoo that has no sulfates. Sulfates are the components that cause shampoos to foam and bubble; nevertheless, they may be harmful in the long term since they deplete natural oils and proteins from hair. Blonde hair wigs already lack the color seen in real hair; therefore, applying sulfates may cause further harm by taking away the natural oils. As a result, it is essential to use a gentle shampoo free of sulfates.

Keep Blonde Wigs out of The Sun:

In the same way that the sun may have a negative impact on your natural hair, it can also have a significant impact on wigs. The heat and ultraviolet rays of the sun make blonde hair brittle and dry, which makes it more prone to breakage. Therefore, if you are going to be traveling outdoors, you should be sure to wear a hat or scarf so that the direct sunshine does not damage your wig. In addition, make sure that you reapply a UV protectant every few hours to ensure that your wig keeps its pristine state for as long as possible.

Consider lightening your brows:

The majority of individuals want their wig to seem as natural as possible, and other ladies may like the contrast of their black eyebrows with their lighter hair color. There are occasions when bleaching the eyebrows would make the blonde wig seem more natural and like it was made for your skin. That does not imply that you have to bleach your brows to the point where they look like platinum, but lightening them up so that they are not quite as black may be really advantageous. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of bleaching your eyebrows, you may create the same effect by drawing them on with an eyebrow pencil in a lighter shade.

You may have to Switch Up Your Makeup:

Altering your facial cosmetics may be required if you want to get the desired effect with your blonde wig. You have the ability to go for either a more natural or a more dramatic appearance with a hair color that is lighter. If you go for a look that is light and subtle, your wig will come out as extremely phony. On the other hand, if you go for a more dramatic face of makeup with darker eyeshadows and contouring, the blonde wig will come to life. Experiment with a variety of styles until you discover one that complements the new direction you’ve taken with your new do and your makeup. Have some fun with this shift, and while you’re at it, pick yourself some new beauty items.

Be Confident:

You should exude self-assurance at all times when you wear a blonde wig since this is the most important step. People are just as able to pick up on the fact that you are feeling uneasy or uncomfortable with yourself as you are able to do so yourself. As soon as you put on your blonde wig and parade it about for everyone to see, demonstrate to them how self-assured and beautiful you believe you are. Don’t be afraid to throw yourself wholeheartedly into this vivacious and exciting hairdo, and when you do, be sure to do it with a grin on your face.

With these tips, you can now rock a gorgeous blonde wig with confidence and ease. Remember to take good care of it by following our advice, and you will be sure to enjoy it for a long time! So go ahead, put one on and show the world just how fabulous you look in your new blonde ‘do! Good luck, and have fun!

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