Top 15 Unique Hair Colors That Are So Sexy!

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New year; new you. So should be the new hair colour. When it comes to colouring your hair, there are so many hair colours these days and it becomes so difficult to choose as each colour comes with different shades. So how do you pick a unique colour? Here’s a list that will help you choose a unique hair colour. you can always remove the colour if you don’t like it.

Top 15 Unique Hair Colors That Are So Sexy!

1. Rose Gold


How about we begin with the shade that has overwhelmed the world. This flawless rose gold hair shade works with all skin hues.

2. Blush Pink


This is a beautiful and subtle shade of pink and has a warm tone, making it even more beautiful.

3. Turquoise Ombre


Turquoise can be a pretty bold shade. A beautiful combination of brown and turquoise balayage is a perfect combination one must try.

4. Purple and Blue


Love unicorns? This combination of hair colours is perfect for a new you

5. Purple Ombre


Purple Ombre is a perfect colour choice for summer hair. It gives out a very vibrant and playful effect to your hair giving you the perfect look.

6. Pastel Purple


Pastel Purple is one of the most trending hair colors in the world right now. From pastel purple highlights for low-maintenance hair to a full purple hair dye, whatever you pick, it’s bound to turn at least a few heads.

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7. Lavender Pink


Lavender Pink is a very basic, soft, and subtle hair color.

8. Phoenix hair


This is a perfect blend of orange, pink, and red. Phoenix hair color is a perfect choice if you want to go for a new bold look.

9. Balayage of Silver and Blue


This color can be a good choice for people who like to experiment with their hair. The mixture of silver and blue balayage is flawless and gives a very subtle look to your hair.

10. White Blonde


White Blonde hair is an ideal beach color and looks very artistic and dreamy in sunlight.

11. Pastel Pink


Pastel is the new in. Pastel Pink is the shade you’ll see everywhere and this color gives a very surreal and vibrant look.

12. Pink and Rose Gold


A mixture of Rose Gold and Pink results in a very unique and incredible color combination. This color defines fun like no other hair color.

13. Purple and Teal Hair


This is an awesome combination of teal and purple. This combination gives a very loud, bold look.

14. Mint and Pastel


This is a combination of Teal Pastel mixed with Mint Green which gives a very delightful look.

15. Cotton Candy


The cotton candy hair color is a mixture of Pastel Pink and Teal balayage, giving a cotton candy effect to your hair.

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