Top 15 Unconventional Tips For College Freshers

College is one of those places where you experience a bit of everything! It’s much more than just an educational institution and has a lot to offer than what you expect originally. College can be stressful, but the happy moments it gives is incomparable. If you’re about to get into college in some time or are just a fresher, here you will find The Top 15 unconventional tips for college freshers. These are not the ordinary tips you might find just about anywhere. Let’s get into it!

Top 15 Unconventional Tips For College Freshers

1. Don’t Expect It To Be Like The Movies

Don't Expect It To Be Like The Movies
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This is the one thing you need to know and let sink in. Especially if you’re an Indian and into Bollywood movies, it’s about time you realise that college life is not like they show in the movies. Most of us fantasise about college life in there, but before reality strikes you hard, you better tone down your high held expectations. Of course, there’s comparatively more liberty than a school. However, there are layers to it.

2. Ask Questions 

Ask Questions
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One tip that is an absolute must, especially as a fresher, is to not be afraid to ask questions. In fact, you should ask more of them. Being a newbie, it’s understandable that you might have various doubts & questions because of a whole lot of ambiguity. It’s important to realize that most people around you feel the exact same way. It’s nothing awkward or embarrassing for you to ask questions. Be it from your peers, seniors, professors, staff members, anyone!

3. Start Conversations

Start Conversations
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Now that you’re about to get into a new place, and are going to meet new people, you must learn to begin conversations. As much as it’s hard, it’s usually the only way to get to know and befriend new people. And you know something? Many times, the people around you share the same hesitations. It’s better to break the ice soon and start by asking some questions such as their interests, tastes, etc. to build stuff up gradually.

4. Choose Good Company 

Choose Good Company
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Our friends and peers happen to be a part of our lives for a significant period of time, especially in college. It’s a natural process to get into each other’s influence while actually growing up together. It’s safe to say that you’re old enough to distinguish right from wrong. The world always has both kinds of people, everywhere. It’s up to you to choose better at every step and keep a distance from negativity. No matter how enticing things may seem from a distance at this tender age, you have to learn to choose the right path in order to genuinely succeed in life.

5. Show Up Very Often

Show Up Very Often
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Having been a college student in the recent past, I can completely relate to this thing you will smoothly get into, in a while. It’s about not being regular, bunking lectures, and finding excuses to miss college. Being a graduate, I can tell you that it is undoubtedly one of the best phases of your life, and you’re gonna miss it TOO much. The only thing that will hurt even more, is that you didn’t show up as much. Every single seemingly simple thing will make you go through mixed emotions later on, so you better be quite regular to make tons of memories!

6. Be Confident 

 Be Confident
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You have to be very confident. Now that you’re on your own feet, for the most part, it’s good to have yourself prepared for different unplanned conversations, stepping into uncertainties, and various new things coming your way. As much as it’s normal to feel doubtful and second guess yourself, you have to be confident in yourself, and your abilities. It’s easy to feel dominated by the personalities or energies of people surrounding you at times. But it’s in those times you have to believe in yourself even more than ever. 

7. Don’t Just Be A Bookworm 

Don't Just Be A Bookworm
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No matter what kind of a student you are, or how you used to be back in school. You can’t just only be stuck with a pile of books in college. Yes, studies are important, and that’s the primary purpose of getting into an institution in the first place. But the point highlighted is to not be limited to it because when you are in college, there are more things to try, and you get a chance to identify your strengths & skills apart from being able to ace academics.

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8. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone
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This is more of a life tip than just for college freshers. You HAVE to make peace with the fact that you’re not letting your comfort zone act as your cocoon for the rest of your life. Whether you agree or disagree, the real stuff is waiting just outside out of it. And being in college is the best time to make this happen. You’re young, free, and don’t have much to lose. This makes it an ideal time to challenge yourself with the right opportunities & make it happen!

9. Actively Participate In Everything

Actively Participate In Everything
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As funny as this sounds, it’s true! You at least have to try to go for as many things as possible. Colleges have these fests, events, competitions, etc. happening all the time. It’s a great idea to try out various experiences by taking up some of the other responsibilities. This way you can get to explore what you’re good at and develop more skills.

10. Become An All-Rounder

Become an All-Rounder
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You should try to become an all-rounder in college, even if you aren’t one. It is hands down the best thing, and you will be thankful for it for life! Why? Because you’ll be able to discover those sides of yourself which will surprise you. How? By getting into things that you can’t even think. A great way is to hop into most things for either volunteering, organizing, anchoring, leading, etc. to get different tastes and unveil new sides of your personality.

11. Earn Some Money

Earn Some Money
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Despite being a student, there are multiple ways in which you can earn some money. It could either be interning with a start-up, or some part-time job in your field of interest. Nowadays, you can also find a lot of online stuff, which is quite practical & hassle-free if you’re good at what you do. The primary point of focus to do this is not just to earn some pocket money, but to also get some practical knowledge and work experience, which would enhance your resume later. You can also get a chance to improve your existing skills. 

12. Make Plans Happen 

Make Plans Happen
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This is about all those fun outing plans that you will make with your friends, ranging from getting breakfast, going to a café, having dinners occasionally, and even those weekend getaways. Most of the time such plans (especially longer ones) just remain as plans after being excessively delayed for some reason or another. Make sure you don’t let this happen, because how much you’re going to cherish these times later just cannot be overstated.

13. Learn To Let Go

Learn To Let Go
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Your college life will be quite a journey. And highs & lows are meant to be a part of this journey, especially in terms of friendships. They can offer a taste of different emotions. But the important thing is to learn to resolve differences or let go of negative things. Although your resentment might be justified, you have to know how to rise above things at times. You won’t like that bitterness to stay in your mind. It’s a beautiful phrase; it’s better to not have negative memories or grudges against people in life.

14. Understand The Two Sides Of Freedom

 Understand The Two Sides Of Freedom
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Being a fresher in college, you are going to get various opportunities to experience different things in this course of time. You will meet new people, make new friends, have new experiences, and whatnot! All of this is due to the freedom you’ll be having. However, as there are two sides (right & wrong) to freedom, it becomes your responsibility to choose the right path. Your age and the atmosphere around you may mislead you to get inclined to wrong things or get carried away. Learn to take charge & choose good, no matter what.

15. Realize The Pricelessness

Realize The Pricelessness
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No matter how rich or powerful one may be, time can never be negotiated against anything. In this phase of your life, you’re going to obtain knowledge through your teachers, practically experience academics through projects, bond with your peers every single day, and also get a lot of time to try out new things. The relations you’re going to make with your peers, seniors, professors, and even the helping staff at times, are highly valuable. Make sure you realize the pricelessness of all these aspects and make each day count! 

These were the Top 15 unconventional tips for college freshers. Lastly, I would like to sum up everything in a few words: Study well; don’t be afraid; make memories for a lifetime! 

Good luck!

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