Top 15 Beauty Hacks That Wont Fail You

Read on some easy DIY beauty hacks to save time and work as quick fixes for when you can’t go out to purchase stuff or make that much-needed trip to the parlor.

Top 15 Beauty Hacks That wont Fail You

1. Hair removal hack

Hair removal hack

Mix together 1 cup sugar, ¼ cup water, 1/4 lemon juice and boil it for 5 to 7 minutes. Now let it cool for 10-20 minutes. With the help of an applicator, apply it on a part of your skin and you’ll be able to get rid of the hair. Apply any moisturizer after use.

2. Mascara hack

Mascara hack

At times when you run out of mascara or if it’s too, clumpy a toothbrush might come handy. Use it over your eyelashes with a soft hand and it’ll lift up your lashes as well volumize them seeming as if you have them naturally.

3. Sparkling white teeth hack 1

Sparkling white teeth hack 1

Take a glass of water and add one strawberry in it. Next, add some toothpaste. Now mix everything well and churn it into a paste. Brush your teeth with this paste and you’ll see amazing results.

4. Sparkling white teeth hack 2

Sparkling white teeth hack 2

To a glass of water add lemon juice and soda. Mix it well and brush your teeth with it and voila, you have instant white teeth. Use this for a couple of days daily and your teeth will definitely turn a shade or two whiter.

5. How to fix a broken compact powder

How to fix a broken compact powder

Firstly make sure that the powder is in the same alignment i.e. there are no clumps anywhere. Next, spray some perfume over it and cover it with a tissue paper. Now use a spoon and press it together and there you go.

6. An alternative for a face primer

An alternative for a face primer

You could use aftershave or any aloe vera gel instead of a primer. Just take a small amount of it on your palm and dab it onto your skin. Don’t rub it, gently press it on your skin.

7. Acne removal hack

Acne removal hack

Need instant results? Use any toothpaste and apply a tiny dot and leave it overnight. Use some facewash and wash the remains off the next morning. Do it for two days and you’ll never know if you had anything on your face.

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8. How to permanently reduce scars

How to permanently reduce scars

Apply coconut oil daily on the scarred area and massage it for a few minutes. Over a while, you’ll see effective results.

9. How to get rid of post-pregnancy stretch marks

How to get rid of post-pregnancy stretch marks

Apply aloe vera gel or the pulp of aloe vera leaf on your stomach massaging it gently all the way. Do this daily for a while and within a few months, they’ll be gone.

10. Dark circles hack

Dark circles hack

Dark circles? But don’t you worry, just grab a cucumber, grind it making a paste of it. Next, fill the ice cube plate with the paste and let it freeze. The next morning use these cucumber cubes under your eyes and you’ll see instantly brightened under your eyes.

11. Glowy face hack

Glowy face hack

Boil some water in a pan and add a few rose petals to it. Now let it cool for a few minutes and then add one tablespoon of honey to it. Wash your face with water and place these petals on your face and let them sit for a few minutes. After removing them wipe your face gently with a tissue paper or a face wipe and you’ll have a beautiful glow on your face.

12. Eyebrow Gel hack

Eyebrow Gel hack

Add some eye shadow on your washed and cleaned old mascara wand and then just wiggle it through on your eyebrows. But remember whatever eye shadow you choose, it must match the roots of your hair color.

13. How to cover chipped nails

How to cover chipped nails

Nail paints usually tend to slip from the ends of our nails so to cover up chipped nails all you need to do is apply some glitter on the ends. This way your nails will look amazing and nobody would ever get to know the real story.

14. An alternative for makeup remover

An alternative for makeup remover

For people who tend to apply a lot of makeup all over their faces, removing it becomes such a task. Makeup removers are also expensive these days and not everybody is comfortable with micellar water. So an alternative for it is baby oil. Use any good quality baby oil. They are very affordable, easy to use and all it takes is a cotton swab and some oil. Use a face wash after cleaning your face and apply moisturizer.

15. Perfume hack

Perfume hack

A lot of us feel that most perfumes or deodorants do not stay for long. So the trick for a long-lasting fragrance is to apply perfume on wet skin.

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