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Top 15 Basic Self-Defense Moves For Women

World Population Review estimates that 35% of women worldwide have experienced some form of sexual harassment in their lifetime. Less than 40% of women experiencing sexual violence seek help. In a world like this where...

Top 15 Rom-Coms To Watch If You Are A Hopeless Romantic

Romantic comedy or Rom-Coms is one such genre that has lost its reputation in the last few decades. Its popularity has been fluctuating since the 1990s and it has become an under-appreciated genre. However, the...

Top 15 Unique Beaches Around The World

Are you also one of those people who make endless plans with your friends to take a trip to Goa? There’s obviously something about the beautiful sea shores, the white sand, the adventurous water sports,...

Top 15 Ways To Move On From A Relationship

Relationships of all kinds are beautiful and that’s why it hurts the most when we have to let go of a person that we believed was our one and only. Ernest Hemingway once said, “The...

Top 15 Basic Sketching Techniques For Beginners

Have you always admired people who can sketch or doodle anything at any time? Well, it’s always easier to admire from a distance but it’s hard to imagine yourself doing art. Like any other skill,...

Top 15 Fashion Hacks For Curvy Women

Since time immemorial, women and men have been taught to be of a perfect shape or size. The saddest part of living in a world like this is that you will prefer a compliment about...

Top 15 Best Therapy Dog Breeds

People might say laughter is the best medicine in the world but us dog lovers really know that in reality, it’s these furry creatures that keep us actually alive. Owning a dog can make an...


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Top 15 Dog Breeds You Would Love To Keep As Pets

Puppies. Dogs. Just saying these words fills anybody's heart with joy. Who wouldn’t want to have one, two or maybe five of this happiness...

Top 15 Feminist Writers Who Are Indians

“People used to say that boxing is for men and not for women, and I thought I will show them someday.” This bang-on statement...

Top 15 Cleanest Cities In India

With a population of above 135 crores, India is one of the most diverse countries. It is the second most populated country, the 7th...

Top 15 Epic Adventurous Things To Do Before You Die

The world is thriving with opportunities for something new and your life is unpredictable. Have you ever made a bucket list of things you...

Top 15 Types of Bags You Must Know About!

We find so many different kinds of bags around us. But little are we aware of what they're exactly called or used for. This...

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