Top 15 Unique Restaurants to Visit

almost every one of us has visited different restaurants, right but have you ever heard of such restaurants that provide you with unique views along with tempting dishes? Here, I’m with another new blog of some unique restaurants that you would have never heard of. So, let’s get started.

Top 15 Unique Restaurants to Visit

1. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

This resto is located under the sea and built in the Conrad resort in the Maldives. It is built over 16 feet below the water surface ant the visitors need to have their wetsuit and snorkel on. The meals are quite over priced here because of the view but it’s worth some to pay this view once in your lifetime.

2. Snow castle restaurant

This resto is built of ice and ice and located in Finland. The pillars, walls and all are of snow and it gives a view of a snow castle but don’t worry, the food served here is not ice. The guests need to have their food quickly before they cool down and the most interesting thing is the resto is built in winters, every year.

3. The Grotto

This restaurant is situated at the Rayavadee resort in Thailand. It is present on a beach under a limestone cliff where the guests can enjoy their meals with beautiful view. This restaurant also arranges barbeque nights, sometimes that is amazing to see.

4. The Safe house

This place doesn’t look much from outside but its interior view is quite unique and justified. When the visitors enter the restaurant by saying the password, they enter into the world of spy, they become the spies and allotted with missions. The meals of this restaurant are not over priced but are moderately priced.

5. Trinity place

This restaurant is situated in an old bank vault in the Financial Districts of Paris and the price of the meals served here are quite reasonable. This restaurant is unique because of the place it is situated and the dining experience is quite memorable. You would get to have a lot of memories and beautiful pictures here.

6. 58 tour Eiffel

Although the restaurant has ‘Eiffel’ in it, yet it is not located at the Eiffel tower. It is situated at the first floor of a popular French monument. The guests get a chance to have a look at the streets of Paris while having a sip of coffee. The prices of the meals served here are quite expensive, so you must have a good savings before visiting this cafe.

7. Soneva kiri

This restaurant is quite unique in its own way. It is present 15 feet above the ground at the Soneva Kiri resort in the Koh Kood rainforest. The waiters serve their guests by dangling through zip lines. You could enjoy the cool breeze of ocean while having your meal.

8. The Banyan tree hotel

This beautiful restaurant is located 61 floors above the City Streets of Bangkok. The restaurant gives its guests the top view of the surrounding, fresh air while enjoying their meal and a peaceful atmosphere. You could enjoy the view, being much away from the crowd and hustle of the streets.

9. Dinner in the sky

This restaurant was first started in Belgium, in 2006 and consequently made to 55 more countries. The main concept of this restaurant is that the visitors are are seated in the mid air by the help of cranes where one can enjoy the view, defeating the risk of heights. This amazing view would cost you around 280 dollars.

10. Remvi restaurant

This beautiful restaurant is located at the Aegean sea. The Remvi restaurant is an extended part of Remvi Villa that gives its guests a chance to view the islands, the volcanos that sit on the island and a plenty of sea food options. The menu of this restaurant includes variety of sea food options, multi national cuisines.

11. Le Panoramic

This cafe is situated at the top of Brevent mountain giving a nice view of Mount Blanc. You could see a series of mountain while enjoying your hot coffee and yummy croissants. This place is accessible by cable car or gondola and the visitors get a wonderful chance to have tempting breakfast, scenic view and a lot of selfies.

12. Hotel Casa Palopo

This hotel is present in Guatemala. This restaurant is surrounded by the lake Atitlan and three volcanos named San Pedro, Atitlàn and Tolimàn. This restaurant is full of beautiful, scenic views and people love to visit this place.

13. Central Perk

This cafe has much similarity with the series ‘Friends’. It is designed like the coffee house in the series ‘FRIENDS’ and was designed by a Chinese man in Beijing. This cafe has the orange couch, the same logo and every little detail same as in the series. 14. Strastosfare

15. The White Rabbit

This unique resto is present at Moscow that is by a glass dome and gives you a 360 degree view of the Moscow. The meals served are not expensive and the interior is multi coloured. If you ever go to Russia, do visit this place.

These were some amazing and unique restaurants that are quite different from your regular, normal restaurants. These restos provide you a detailed view of the nature and its surrounding with yummy meals and snacks. We would meet with another exciting blog soon in a while, till then you can read this blog and chill.

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