Top 15 Unknown Facts About NASA

NASA is undoubtedly the biggest and most successful space organization in the world. It was founded in 1958 and has made many successful space launches since then. The first man in space was also sent successfully by NASA. But even they have had many hidden secrets.

Top 15 Unknown Facts About NASA

1. NASA Shows Its Recruits The Movie, “Armageddon” As Part Of Their Training 

source: YouTube

Yes, they show this movie to their recruits that too not in a positive sense but as a test. This film has much scientific and logistic inaccuracy that the scientists are asked to figure out.

2. Neil Armstrong’s Astronaut Application Was A Week Late 

Neil Armstrong
source: Medium

Neil Armstrong was the 1st human to land on the moon although it could not have been possible because his application form was already late. But his friend who was also a NASA’s scientist slipped his form into the pile anyway, all thanks to this guy.

3. We Use Lots Of NASA’s Inventions Every Single Day 

NASA's cordless vacuum
source: NASA

NASA has invented so many things that most people are not even aware of. Devices like a cordless vacuum, water filters, scratch-resistant lens, etc are all invented by NASA scientists. They have also invented some very important medically used equipment.

4. NASA Worked With Speedo In 2008 To Create A Swimsuit With As Little Drag As Possible

NASA-speedo swimsuit
source: NASA

NASA and Speedo joined hands to make a swimsuit that had so little drag that it was banned in many swimming competitions. It was considered to have an advantage which shows how great the engineering must be.

5. NASA Will Text You Every Time The ISS Flies Over You 

source: the verge

Isn’t it amazing? ISS is the biggest orbit in the space which was 1st launched in 1998 and continues to be the most important research facility and observatory. Every time it is over you, NASA will send you a next. All you have to do is to sign up on

6. There Is A Group Of Scientists Working In Hawaii But Pretending They Are On Mars 

a group of scientists working in Hawaii but pretending they are on Mars
source: national geographic

It is a team of 6 workers who are working on the slope of a volcano, trying to replicate the study that they have to conduct on Mars and testing its possibility. They also wear spacesuits and test the psychological factor of the mission as well as the resistance.

7. The Apollo 11 Astronauts Couldn’t Get Any Life Insurance 

Apollo 11
source: Los Angeles Times

The Apollo 11 was the 1st mission that carried humans to space but their astronauts couldn’t get life insurance. They only signed the special postcards before they set off, hoping that if they returned then these postcards would be worth a fortune. Amazingly, they did return.

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8. NASA’s Goal Is To Send A Manned Mission To Orbit Mars By 2030

Mars mission
source: Business Insider

Many space agencies around the world have landed their rockets on Mars but none of them could ever send a human there. NASA’s mission is to send a human by the end of 2030.

9. Three Men From Yemen Tried To Sue NASA Because They Believed Mars Is Theirs 

Three men from Yemen tried to sue NASA because they believed Mars is theirs
source: the vintage news

In 1997, the 3 men from Yemen claimed that they have inherited the planet Mars from their ancestors 3000 years ago. But eventually, their case was brought down and NASA won.

10. Signals Sent From Jupiter To Earth Are A Billion Times Weaker Than Your Phone’s Signal 

Signals sent from Jupiter to Earth are a billion times weaker than your phone's signal
source: space

NASA’s Juno mission sent one of their satellites to orbit Jupiter where it was supposed to send back signals to the mission control. Those signals were very weak, far less than the high quality. 

11. The Office Of Planetary Protection Was Founded To Protect The Earth From Hostile Aliens

planetary protection
source: cosmos magazine

In order to protect our planet, NASA has already taken a step. They have a planetary protection office who’s motive is to protect the earth’s biosphere from alien sources.

12. NASA Has To Power Down Its Satellites When They Pass Over A Certain Part Of Brazil

source: britannica

The South Atlantic is believed to have a weak magnetic field as compared to anywhere else on the earth. This is the reason the satellites have to be on a lower power when they orbit over that area.

13. NASA Still Has So Many Things To Explain

NASA still has so many things to explain
source: wired

The organization has admitted to facing alien-like activity a lot of times. They found a strange body back in 2001 which is now included for their astrophysics data assistance. Also, in 2006, they discovered a strange noise in deep space but no one knows what it was.

14. The Inventor Of The Super Soaker Was A NASA Scientist

the inventor of the Super Soaker
source: CNN

The guy who invented the super soaker was a NASA scientist who by the way, has also worked in many huge projects such as the Galileo Mission to Jupiter.

15. It Never Developed A Pen That Writes In Space 

Zero gravity pen
Unknown Facts About NASA
source: wired UK

NASA developing a pen that can write in space is not true. Instead, they used specially developed zero gravity pens that can write in space.

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