Top 15 Pocket Friendly Gadgets to Buy Right Now

Gadgets are the need of the hour. According to a survey, the age group of 12 to 26 is the generation that uses most of the gadgets and most of the people belonging to this group are unable to purchase such devices due to their heavily quoted prices. Today we are here to solve this problem by making you aware of the Top 15 Pocket Friendly and useful gadgets that you can buy right now.

Top 15 Pocket Friendly Gadgets to Buy Right Now

1. Shower Speaker

shower speaker
Credits: Ebay

Music, the most essential part of life. No matter how low your day goes, the right track will cheer up your mood by the fraction of time. There are certain areas where most of us prefer music like shower time but most of the speakers out there are not water-friendly and that’s why Shower Speaker is taking over the normal ones. There are various options out there and some of them are pocket friendly with a good build-up quality from ranging INR 500 to INR 1000 on Amazon India by Indian Makers.

2. High Definition Mobile Lens

High Definition Mobile Lens
Credits: Pinterest

DSLR is the latest trend among youngsters like the walkman was once there in the market. And a good DSLR requires some good money but how can we expect from a student to spend thousands, lakhs rupees on a stupid camera device? That’s why there are plenty of gadgets like Mobile compatible DSLR Lenses out there in the market you can buy by spending cheap money like 400 to 700 and get the DSLR like feel on your cell phone.

3. Smart Tracker

 Smart Tracker
Credits: El Pais Cali

This is the most usable, helpful device that everyone needs. Out of all the natures, the forgetful nature of humans is to be constant to date and so is the reason Smart Trackers are selling like hot cakes in the market. Amazon India, Paytm, and Flipkart offering indigenously made such Smart Tracker gadgets at very affordable prices. Just use this device as a keyring and forget about misplacing things again.

4. Go Mic

Credits: Sound Guys

The carrier options like Independent Singer, Youtuber, Vlogger, etc are popular among this generation and Professional Mic is the only gadget that will surely be used in all of their professions but due to its heavy market rates, some of them give up on their dream or pause to save money. But that’s not the case with Samson’s Go Mic Small. It is pocket-friendly, easy to use, and compatible with your mobile and laptop so why give up on dreams so easily when you get more in less spending?

5. Pocket Projector

Credit: Youtube

A mini personal theatre is a dream for most of the people out there. Things on a bigger picture always boost the experience but the reality is, forget about the mini-theatre, even a projector is very costly plus their installation headache and that’s why Pocket Projectors are revolutionary in nature. A Pocket Projector will give you the same experience by spending less than four to five thousand bucks only.

6. Hair Straightener Brush

Credits: L’Oreal Paris

Companies like Nykaa are doing this great work by providing affordable personal care gadgets like “Hair Straightener Brush” at a very affordable price of just 599 rupees for a single piece.

7. Spy Pen

Spy Pen
Credits: Youtube

Spy Pens are not a new invention of 2020 but their quality and market are getting better day by day. Now the makers are offering premium quality with a great specification at an affordable price like under 1000, under 1200, and 1500 depending upon company to company.

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8. Nano USB Adaptor

Nano USB Adaptor

Internet connectivity is the part of life and like gadgets, in the list, nothing is smart till it gets internet connectivity. Not only Internet connectivity but a fast speed is the mandatory factor and to ensure this fast speed WiFI Modem makers like TP-Link and others came with this super tiny USB Adaptor to boost your internet speed at an attractive price of under 500.

9. Mini Pocket Printer

Mini Pocket Printer
Credits: Pinterest

Take a look back at two to three decades ago, photos were meant to be for special occasions only but today you know the difference and that is the reason Printer makers like HP, Samsung, and others are now targeting such people with devices like “Mini Pocket Printers”. In comparison to Premium printer devices, they are very cheap plus easy to use with some great specifications at an affordable range between 6500 rupees to 8000 rupees.

10. Pore Cleanser Vacuum

 Pore Cleanser Vacuum
Credits: Style Craze

As the Skin Care companies started making skin-friendly gadgets and this revolution is achieving new heights day by day. One latest device in the list is “Blackheads Suction Machine” which provides relaxation to your face by massage and removes deep-rooted dead cells and blackheads simultaneously. You can purchase this wonderful gadget from any major online shopping platform by spending less than 2000 rupees.

11. Smart Bands/Smart Watches

Smart Bands/Smart Watches
Credits: 91 Mobiles

In 2020, Smart bands and smartwatches are like other normal gadgets in our life but the special thing that why they make it to the list is now Big Companies like Fitbit, Motorola, Fastrack, Samsung, etc are offering their devices at an affordable price with latest specifications. Big Brand name, their assurance, servicers, latest features, and pocket-friendly prices, what else do you want?

12. Mini Hand Sewing Machine

 Mini Hand Sewing Machine
Credits: Blogger

If you like to do small wardrobe malfunctioning work on your own but you are too lazy to set up and use Sewing Machine then this “Mini Hand Sewing Machine” gadget is for you. Fully automatic with a battery comes with the needle and bobbin at an affordable price of 799 only.

13. Smart LED Bulbs

Smart LED Bulbs

LED Smart bulbs are the modern solution to spending lots of money to decorate a room/home through fairy lights. Starting from 700 bucks only and having features like mood lighting, voice control through Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, complete access and control through a single app, electricity efficiency, long life, and big brand assurance makes LED smart bulbs buyer’s first choice.

14. Anti-Theft Bags

Anti-Theft Bags
Credits; Kickstarter

Anti-Theft Bags are the latest entry in the Gadget world. Although they look like usual bags, their compartment division, stitches, premium quality Polyester/leather fabric, charging cable, and especially their locks make them different from normal bags. Anti-Theft bags are the need of the hour.

15. Digital NotePads

Digital NotePads gadgets
Productivity Hub

Digital Notepads are the only solution to save the environment by shifting from papers to E-writers. Indian Electronics Makers like Portronics are offering the product at a very affordable price in comparison to others. Use this premium product and say hi to the future.

The above-listed gadgets are one we find most relevant in contemporary time plus they all are available at major online shopping platforms like Amazon India, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and Paytm.

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