Top 15 Warning Signs That You’re Emotionally Exhausted

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Emotional exhaustion is a feeling you get due to excessive stress and pressure on you by different circumstances. Constantly working and never doing things that help you relax, and unwind can lead to emotional exhaustion. Added conditions like personal problems that include your family or friends may further worsen the conditions. It may lead to a severe mental crisis if not taken care of.

Let’s See Some Signs That Mean You’re Emotionally Exhausted

1. Low Patience

Low Patience
source: medical news today

Your patience starts to decrease in large measures. You can’t wait for something, even for two minutes, and quickly get annoyed when required to wait. Your patience level drops to zero. This is one of the classic signs that you’re emotionally exhausted.

2. Insomnia

source: harvard gazette

You struggle to fall asleep. Even when you do, it’s not a healthy sleep because you get up early or are disturbed in between the night resulting in sleep deprivation and eventually insomnia.

3. Social Withdrawal

Social Withdrawal
source: vantage point recovery

You don’t have the required energy to participate in social gatherings or meetings. You constantly wish to be left alone and away from people and withdraw from everyone.

4. Difficulty In Concentration

Difficulty In Concentration
source: medical news today

You can’t concentrate for a long or even for a smaller period. You leave your work midway because you can’t comprehend what’s happening or what to do next. This could point towards emotional exhaustion.

5. Feeling Hollow

Feeling Hollow
source: the British psychological society

You have this constant feeling of hollowness inside you like something is missing, causing you anxiety and sadness. This feeling never leaves you and makes you feel lonely and hurt.

6. Fatigue

source: harvard health

You’re always tired, before sleeping, after waking up, while doing any work, literally every second. You don’t have the energy to do any physical activity. This could be because of emotional exhaustion.

7. Crying

signs that you're emotionally exhausted
source: power of positivity

You tear up at even the tiniest of inconvenience or any little argument. Sometimes you start to cry unexpectedly, without any cause, and sadness becomes constant.

8. Numbness

source: loner wolf

You start to feel emotionally and mentally numb, and you don’t get affected by anything, even something big which may have worried you immensely before, but now you don’t react. People have started to feel that you’ve become apathetic. This is one of the tell-tale signs of emotional exhaustion.

9. Decreased Work Performance

Decreased Work Performance
source: corporate wellness magazine

Due to low concentration and fatigue, your work performance has decreased. You have started calling in sick regularly and cannot put in the efforts and ideas needed to work, resulting in impaired performance.

10. Lack Of Motivation

Lack Of Motivation
source: small biz trends

You always feel like a failure and have lost all hope. You don’t get any motivation to improve your situation or work. You become alienated from the world.

11. Irritability

source: medical news today

You quickly get irritated. You may argue at the slightest of points and create a stir at any minimal thing. People will start experiencing these changes when they talk to you, which might affect your relationships.

12. Low Memory

Low Memory
source: medical news today

It’s getting hard for you to remember things from the near past, and you forget details about things that have started to disrupt your daily life.

13. Aches

source: American migraine foundation

Your health is deteriorating, and you have started to experience frequent pains, sometimes in the head or stomach or any other part of your body.

14. Struggle To Make Decisions

Struggle To Make Decisions
source: medium

You can’t decide anything for yourself. You can’t make even the slightest of decisions, and you overthink and doubt every decision of yours. Decision making gives you anxiety and stress.

15. Panic Attacks

Panic Attack
source: arcfl

You start to have anxiety attacks in which it is difficult for you to breathe, giving you a feeling that everything has ended. Sheer pessimism and hopelessness surround you, and your future seems bleak to you, causing you to cry and hyperventilate.

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