Top 15 Reliable Ideas To Get Sound Sleep

One of the most alarming and common issues these days is the inability to sleep at night. We all are aware that sound sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Without it, the feeling of tiredness consumes our body throughout the day.

Daily excessive workload can also reduce the chances of relaxed and sound sleep. Stress, poor sleeping habits, eating too much too late in the evening, other mental health disorders, etc. are also some of the factors responsible for insomnia (inability to sleep). Relaxed sleep plays a vital role in leading a satisfactory life. Eight hours of sleep can increase your immune function.

Accordingly, you can check out the following top 15 reliable ideas to get sound sleep to avoid insomnia.

Top 15 Reliable Ideas To Get Sound Sleep  

1. Avoid Frequent Day Time Naps

Though short naps are good, long day time naps can decrease the quality of sleep to a significant extent. It is better to avoid frequent day time naps for sound sleep. However, if an individual takes regular day time naps and is able to sleep well too, then it’s a good sign of quality sleep.

2. Set Up A Sleep Routine

Every individual has his own internal clock of the body. Sleeping during the day time can disturb your internal clock resulting in poor sleep during the night. It is essential to have a regular sleep and wake up cycle not only on weekdays but, also on weekends as well in order to avoid the poor quality of sleep.

3. Avoid Caffeine Intake During Late Day Time

Caffeine includes tea, coffee, etc. and has abundant benefits. It can enhance focus as well as energy. However, when consumed late during the day, coffee fuels your nervous system and may halt your body from naturally relaxing at night. It results in a poor quality of sleep. It either prevents your brain from entering deep sleep or stop you from falling asleep altogether. As a result, it is advisable to avoid it as much as possible. Still, if you feel an urge for coffee, stick to decaffeinated coffee in the evening hours.

4. Dim Off The Lights And Minimize Noise

Darkroom or room with less lightning is good for sound sleep. Restrict any light sources while you lay down for rest. Even the light of the mobile phone should be kept dim and bright light should completely be avoided. The noise around the sleeping room should be as low as desirable. Otherwise, it will disturb the sleeping pattern.

5. Escape Large Meals Before Bed

In order to live a healthy life, it has been recommended that dinner should be light and done before 3-4 hours of sleep. Large and heavy meals before bed will lead to poor sleep and hormone disruption.

6. Maintain Proper Bedroom Temperature

Setting up of proper bedroom temperature between 65° and 75°F is a recommended range, but, one has to maintain the temperature which is right for them. Unbalanced room temperature will result in the poor quality of sleep and wakefulness.

7. Don’t Consume Alcohol

Alcohol consumption results in disrupted sleeping patterns and snoring. Also, it negatively affects the quality of sleep. Taking alcohol regularly before going to bed is not recommended.

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8. Do Meditation For Relaxation

Depression is strongly linked to poor quality of sleep. Observing your breath or doing meditation helps a lot. It relaxes our body and prepares it for good night sleep.

9. Avoid Watching Television And Mobile Phone

Girl with Video Game in Bed

Do not engage with mobile phone or television before going to bed. It has been observed that teenagers watch TV or use mobile during night time and as a result, suffer from insomnia and other sleeping problems.

10. Reduce Fluid Intake Before Bed

Try to reduce fluid intake as much as possible during night time. Urge for excessive urination will result in waking up leaving your sleep in between. Therefore, fluid intake before bed should be as less as possible and you should use the bathroom before sleeping.

11. Get A Comfortable Mattress And Pillow

A comfortable new mattress and pillow can provide you with sound sleep. Neck and spine should be properly aligned in a straight line using a pillow. Old bedding can result in back pain therefore, new bedding is preferred which can lead to better sleep.

12. Take A Shower

Having a shower bath can result in a much better deep sleep. You can also take foot bath if you are not willing to have a full body shower. Results of both are equally good. Taking a shower 90 minutes before sleep will enhance sleep quality.  

13. Regular Exercise During The Daylight

Exercise increases metabolism and declines inflammation. It should be done regularly possibly 4 hours before bedtime.

14. Stop Smoking

Nicotine interrupts with sleep. Therefore, if you smoke or consume other tobacco products, consult your doctor to quit it immediately. Non-smokers feel much more rested than smokers after a good night sleep.

15. Clear Your Mind In The Evening Itself

Several times you just cannot fall back asleep. Sounds familiar? Focusing on your breath, reading a book, listening to music and massaging your feet can help in relaxing both mind and body which will give you a sound sleep.

Eating healthy, adequate sleep and exercising are pivotal for living a balanced and fruitful life. Good night sleep is best for the health however, it has been replaced these days with less sleeping and insomnia. Every individual experience restless nights but, when it occurs frequently over a long period of time, it requires immediate attention. Hence, to avoid any problem, 7-8 hours of sleep is considered a good choice by many.

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