Top 15 Ways Of Using Humour At The Workplace

Humour can accelerate the working of the mental faculties of human beings.

Fortunately, humour can help accept the changes in life that are the hardest to admit. Every accomplishment in life is enjoyable only with a positive sense of humour. It’s like the flavour in food. It will always grant you a truly valuable perspective and will enhance your gratification in life. 

Nothing disseminates anger and conflict faster than a shared laugh. Looking at the funny side can put problems into perspective and enable you to move on from oppositions without holding onto resentment.

Many studies suggest that employee humour is allied with enhanced work performance, satisfaction, workgroup solidity, health, and coping effectiveness, as well as reduced burnout, stress, and work departure.

Top 15 Ways Of Using Humour At The Workplace

1. Validation of firm humor skills

A core of people with firm humour skills is one of the most vital keys to help other employees build up these skills. A comfortable situation can easily be created by cracking an appropriate joke at the right time. A joke can take some of the tension away and make people feel more comfortable.

2. Mix and Socialize

Interacting with co-workers during free time will definitely improve the productivity of employees. You can enhance your career and have fun by extending and strengthening your network. Dine with your co-worker, share a funny story of your life with them, etc.

3. Put up a Humorous Bulletin Board

Best place for putting it up is in a common area. You can take turns with your co-workers posting different topics on the board with funny headlines or articles. Another idea will be to put up photos of the employees when they were children. Otherwise, add a funny caricature on the pin-up boards of employees.

4. Relaxing Meeting Minutes

We all have been through times, when a little break is indispensable for us, especially when the meeting is time-consuming. There should be a few minutes in between the meeting which should be kept for relaxation. Break time can include entertaining, exciting and casual thoughts you have while in the meeting, etc.

5. Create Desirable Work appropriate Nicknames

Create work appropriate nicknames for people like Mr Unavoidable, Ms Busy Bee, etc. It is something very innovative, creative and indicative of the people or work is done by them which will encourage others to do the same. Examples of the team names can include The Detectives, The Right Writers, etc.

6. Circle of Appreciation and Awards

One of the essential beliefs people have these days is that they want proper recognition and respect of the efforts they put into their work. Share something you appreciated about the person in an amusing way. Awards with appropriate funky titles will be appreciated more.

7. Encouraging Verbal Memory Wall

Write some work related subjects on the wall. This will add creativity and glory to the office wall and employees will feel motivated and happy. Looking at the wall, now and then, will act as a reminder for the employees to work towards their goal.

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8. Enjoyable Laughter Yoga Session

Laughter has contributed immensely to the well-being of the people. Sometimes tense situations benefit from some comedic relief. A session before each meeting to lower stress levels and have more productive meetings that can generate lots of creative ideas.

9. Cooperative Brainstorming

Brainstorming random essential ideas related to the meeting, plan or theme with others. It boosts your critical thinking, as well as problem-solving skills and provides an organization with a flair of excellent ideas.

10. Break Sessions and Play Games as a Staff activity

If you want to recharge your batteries, take a break. Overloading your brain with continuous thoughts and concerns is not healthy; therefore, break session is the best option. You can opt for games like table tennis, fuss ball, etc. to relax your mind from workload for some time. A little bit of exercise of mind through playing games can greatly increase the output and production of the work.

11. Celebrate Birthdays and Festivals with Artfulness and Brilliance

Look for some fresh ideas for your company celebrations every single time you go for it. Celebrating birthdays with a twist in decorative ideas or different from how it is celebrated traditionally. How about an office party that celebrates all that delightful reasonable food?

12. Stationing Fun and Silly Desk Toys

Share everyday childishness. Have amusing and silly desk toys – for instance, a toy walking across the desk, stapler with a grasshopper body, pen stand with a creative and artistic body, etc. Taking a glimpse of them will cheer up your mood every time.

13. Life-saving Power Nap

For a quick boost of alertness, nap is very essential. It can renovate attentiveness, heighten presentation, and diminish mistakes. Sometimes, even body demands rest and power nap can be a great way to provide relief.

14. Forming Team chat groups

Sharing funny emoji’s and having a good laugh with teammates while using team chat groups is more than just entertaining, though. Creating an unofficial team group will reap good results in work, change the boring atmosphere and mood of the colleagues into a lively one. Bonding and coordination between the teammates will increase.

15. Exchange a light-bulb moment during a speech

Share a light-bulb moment by telling an intentionally silly instance in your next speech. Tie it back to the topic somehow. Doing this will improve the mood of the colleagues as well as the effectiveness of the speech. Attentiveness towards the speech will be increased to a great extent making the atmosphere calm and controlled.

Fun at work can even lead to the lessening of the inevitable boredom that arises out of dull, routine, and non-challenging tasks.

In fact, humour is a great addition to any workplace, when used appropriately.

When you look at your employees today, what do you see? Think, evaluate and then, make the right choice.

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Aditi Saini
Aditi Saini
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