Top 15 Ways To Beat The Summer Heat

Summer is the most happening and active time of the year. People travel, spend time with their families, and have fun. But the heat seems to ruin the fun a little bit. The heat negatively affects our body and of course, our mood. This time, try a few of the below-mentioned techniques to beat the summer heat.

Top 15 Ways To Beat The Summer Heat

1. Reduce The Usage Of Oven And Dishwasher

Reduce The Usage Of Oven And Dishwasher
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Summer is probably when you cook the most but you need to reduce the usage of oven and dishwasher. Make use of crockpot or pressure cooker and wash your utensils in the sink. Oven and dishwasher make your kitchen hot and the heat slowly spreads across your apartment.

2. Change The Lights

Change The Lights
Image Credit: The Wall Street Journal

If you are using an incandescent bulb, then you need to switch your lights. 90% of the energy produced by the incandescent bulb is heat and only 10% is light. Switch to fluorescent or LED lights. It generates less heat and also saves electricity.

3. Hydrate

Image Credit: TryAboutTime

Drink a lot of water during summer, like literally a lot! If your body is hydrated, it will feel cool. A dehydrated body can cause a lot of health problems. Keep a hydro flask or any water bottle with you and keep taking sips of water at a frequent interval of time. Try infusing your water with lemon, mint, coconut, or fruits! It’ll be more fun to hydrate yourself with these homemade summer drinks.

4. Eat Cool

Eat Cool
Image Credit: Chinatown London

There are a lot of food items that cause internal heat, avoid those. Consume food that is cool for your internal systems. Eat watermelon, cucumber, papaya, and other seasonal fruits and vegetables. Avoid having salty or spicy food.

5. Dress Light

Dress Light
Image Credit: LEAFtv

Do not wear dark colours in summer. It will make you feel really hot. Instead, try wearing white or other light colours. Wear fabrics that are breathable and not body hugging or tight. It is better to opt for cotton or linen in summer.

6. Take More Showers

Take More Showers
Image Credit: Leedy Interiors

Nothing feels as refreshing as taking a shower during summer. Avoid bathing with warm water. Take cold showers but do not waste too much water. You don’t have to take a full bath, just a quick rinse would do the work.

7. Walk On Grass

Walk On Grass
Image Credit: Best4Hedging

Summer is a great time to visit parks and spend time with nature. Most of the material gets hot during summer but grass doesn’t. So, walk barefoot on grass and it is preferable to do it under trees. Grass blocks the sun and therefore acts as a natural air conditioner.

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8. Make Some Summer Coolers

Make Some Summer Coolers
Image Credit: Radio Olive

Make use of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Blend in different vegetables or fruits and make various juices. It will help you to cool down your body internally. The most preferred summer coolers are watermelon juice, lemonade, and cucumber juice.

9. DIY Air Conditioner

DIY Air Conditioner
Image Credit: Pinterest

In case you do not have an air-conditioner in your apartment, here is a little trick that’ll help you to cool your apartment. Take 2-3 frozen bottles and keep it in front of the table fan. The breeze coming out of the fan will be much cooler and you’ll feel relaxed.

10. Aloe Vera Spray

Aloe Vera Spray
Image Credit: Medical News Today

Aloe vera is used to get rid of sunburns and tan but it can also be used as a cooler. Make an aloe vera spray and add peppermint if you like. Then store it in a bottle and keep spraying it all over your body to beat the summer heat.

11. Make Ice-cold Sheets

Make Ice-cold Sheets
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Yes, you heard that right. First, replace any of your sheets with cotton sheets. Use as much cotton as you can during summers. Then, put the sheet in plastic bags and place them in a freezer. Take it out of the freezer a few hours before you go to sleep. You’ll have a good night’s sleep!

12. Make Some Peppermint Tea

Make Some Peppermint Tea
Image Credit: Medical News Today

Peppermint cools your body internally. Instead of having a normal cup of tea, try having peppermint tea once in a day. It also helps in reducing belly fat. Menthol is the main ingredient of peppermint and also the ingredient that helps your body to cool down.

13. Use Sun Blockers

Use Sun Blockers
Image Credit: Modern Blinds

Keep your windows closed and curtains down when then the sun is out. Hang a damp sheet outside of your window. Use white curtains to reduce heat absorption. Blocking the sun out is probably the best way to keep your apartment cool.

14. Eat Light

Eat Light
Image Credit: Twitter

Eating cool is good but eating light is important. Heavy meals will overload your stomach and your body will produce more heat. If you have ever noticed, you sweat more than usual if your stomach is fully packed. Also, have liquid foods if possible. It will help your body to stay cool.

15. Close Fireplaces

Close Fireplaces
Image Credit: Unsplash

If you have a fireplace, close it. Open fireplaces pull hot air into your house and will make your place hot. And anyway, you don’t need a fireplace during summer. It is better to close all the open spaces so that hot air doesn’t enter.

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