Top 15 Ways To Kill Time Without A Smartphone

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Spending too much time over your screen can pain your neck. This isn’t good. It’s obvious that nobody likes to get bored, but there are better ways than using phones to spend time on. So next time when standing in the waiting line at the grocery store you have a few minutes to kill, don’t check Instagram. Here are the top 15 ways to kill time without using your smartphone.

Top 15 Ways To Kill Time Without A Smartphone

1. Kill Time By Day-dreaming

 Kill Time By Day-dreaming
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Daydreaming can help boost your mood. You get lost in a world where there is no one to interrupt you. Imagine yourself at your favourite place sitting calmly and enjoying the ambience. Daydreaming isn’t bad at all rather it helps to sharpen your imaginative mind. You can kill your time imagining yourself in your la-la land, dancing, singing, or playing your favourite sport, where no one can stop you!!

2. Reading

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Books. Magazines. Newspapers. You should give your time to these as well. They require your attention. The travel time between your home and office can be occupied by the newspaper which will provide you with information concerning you. Don’t just peep into your cell phone because there is a world that needs your attention!  

3. Listen To Music

Listen To Music
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Get back to your iPod! Use music to fill in the empty nodes. You can also stream music offline. You can download the songs and stream your favourite tunes.

4. Meditate

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Meditation can help reduce stress and amplify overall feelings of happiness. You can kill your time by letting go of the materialistic thoughts and focusing on the present moment. It gives you the power to control and direct your thought towards the right path. Meditating enlightens your inner soul, which benefits you and the society.

5. Do A Workout

Do A Workout
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If you have 15-20 minutes to kill then don’t waste your time scrolling your phone. Consider doing basic workouts like squats, lunges, and pushups.

6. Do Shopping

Do Shopping
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Whenever you need some kind of break, just go and shop. Whenever in stress, shopping is the booster. You never have to make time for shopping, it just happens. After office or during lunch hour, you can go for shopping.

7. Talk With A Stranger

Talk With A Stranger
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Meeting someone or talking to some random guy can actually help killing time. You may meet ten new people every day and then know ten different exclusive stories. If you are waiting around then it’s perfect for you to show up your conversation skills. Strike up a chat with the random guy. You may end up pleasantly surprised by the engrossing conversation.

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8. Go For A Walk

Go For A Walk
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Walking is a great exercise to maintain body hygiene. And it is one of the great ways to kill time by being in nature’s lap. We are so busy in life that we forget the true meaning of it. This is a peaceful moment and it is nature that gives you peace.

9. Play A Game To Kill Time

Play A Game To Kill Time
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If you are with a group then you have many ways to kill time. You can play Never Have I Ever, or Nameless and many other games to kill time. With friends, time runs quickly.

10. Drawing

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Sit and draw or sketch whatever you like. You can doodle on a sketchbook. Doodling improves your memory and concentration over the long term. It is also a fun activity.

11. Freshen Up

Freshen Up
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The waiting period gives you a great opportunity to make sure you take good care of your looks. Fix your hair and makeup, straighten your tie, or make sure your shirt’s actually tucked in.

12. Reorganize

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Your purse isn’t as organized as it should be. Therefore, reorganize your wallet or purse so that you know exactly where your things are kept at all times. This is a good way to kill time.

13. Do Some Journaling

Do Some Journaling
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Jot down your ideas. It is the best way to kill boredom and add a grip to a productive performance. You can write about what is happening around you, write about the next blog idea, a short story, poetry, or a love letter to yourself. It is one of the better ways to kill time that ends up productive.

14. Spend Quality Time With Family

Spend Quality Time With Family
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Do you live far away from your family? Crave for their touch? Instead of using your phone for nothing you can just call your family and talk. It’s better than wasting your time. It’s not at all giving up! You are just doing something good by using your phone for a greater purpose.

15. Dance To Your Favourite Song

Dance To Your Favourite Song
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‘Dance as if no one’s watching’. Everybody can dance, it’s just that some get little scared in public. But when you’re alone at home scrolling through your feed just stand up or start shaking and moving your body on the rhythm of your favourite tune. At last, you will end up being enlightened rather than getting drained by the device.

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