Top 15 Amazing Innovative Japanese Ideas

Japan has always been the best example for the rest of the world when it comes to development, innovation, service, and punctuality. Here given below are a few Japanese ideas which will make you believe that Japan has been living in 3020. It’s so developed, yet continues to surprise us every day. With the advancement in technology, they sure have done their best to make life more easy and comforting.

Top 15 Amazing Innovative Japanese Ideas

1. Vending Machines

Vending Machines
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Japan has the highest number of vending machines worldwide. These are not just any random vending machines that we might find around the corner but these vending machines in Japan sell EVERYTHING, i.e. from the tiniest bit of grocery to umbrellas and what not. They are available in both commercials as well as residential areas. The machines sell types of soft drinks, coffee, candy, soup, eggs; name it and these vending machines have it. It won’t be wrong to say at this point that Vending machines are a kind of their culture.

2. Umbrella Locks

Umbrella Locks
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In Japan, there are a lot of locks for umbrellas outside shops, temples, offices, galleries, hotels, etc. You can just lock up your umbrella and go ahead and run errands, while you don’t have to worry about soaking the place you are going. Also, you don’t have to worry about your umbrella being stolen.

3. Japanese Toilets With Baby Chairs

Japanese Toilets With Baby Chairs
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This picture is quite self-explanatory. The child is placed on the baby chair which in fact looks promising. It is a great invention that will help all the new mommas out there. Kids can be a handful.

4. Capsule Hotel

Capsule Hotel
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If you’re claustrophobic, you’re not going to enjoy them. However, these pods have all the required essentials along with high-speed internet access. They might vary from hotel to hotel but a pod will generally have a single bed and TV. There are shelves and outlets for your electronics, often a small locker in case you need to store something valuable. It’s something out of the box and talks about saving space and giving privacy!

5. Hotels Run By Robots

Hotels Run By Robots
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Henn na Hotel, it’s literal meaning in English is strange. “It is not about being strange, it’s about transforming and evolving,” said Hideo Sawada, founder, and chairman of H.I.S. It was recognized by Guinness World Records as “the first robot-staffed hotel” in the world. The receptionist and the other staff, they’re all robots who can speak Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese. They clean windows, take down your luggage, etc. They are friendly and this invention is aimed towards evolving.

6. Manhole Covers

Manhole Covers
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There is a special society called the ” Japanese Society of manhole covers”. They have their own website. Their designs vary from locality to locality, including a symbol specific to an area or town as part of their design. According to the society, there are almost 6000 artistic manhole covers throughout Japan. They are artistic and initially, it was done so as to raise awareness for costly sewage projects and make them more palatable for taxpayers. Who knew this could be added in the country’s one of many artistic yet innovative features?

7. Football Fans

Football Fans
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In Japan, football is loved and enjoyed by many people. These enthusiastic football lovers enjoyed the game of 2018 world cup FIFA. However, after the match, many stayed back and cleaned up the mess. The Japanese fans indeed earn respect and praise from all around the world with their kind gesture off the field. In spite of losing the match, they moved on to cleaning the stadium.

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8. Trains

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You might wonder what’s so special about trains? In Japan, we find a variety of trains with their body/outer surface covered in different anime. Riding trains in Japan is not just about commuting but it’s also about enjoying the ride. These trains will make you happy. Not only kids but adults too enjoy these rides. The interiors also are coordinated with the theme of the train.

9. Food Products And Their Advertisements

Food Products And Their Advertisements
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Don’t you hate it when the compelling pictures in the ads turn out to be partially different when you buy them? Most of us can relate to this, but in Japan, you get the replica of the advertisement. They are true to what they advertise. It sounds unbelievable, but so far in this article, we have come across various unbelievable facts on Japan. Let’s talk about expectations meeting reality.

10. Portable Ashtrays 

Portable Ashtrays
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Japan is no exception when it comes to controlling littering. However, cigarette butts could be disposed of in these kinds of portable ashtrays which will limit littering on the streets. It’s a good innovation towards garbage control on the streets.

11. Built-in Hand-washing Sinks In Toilets

Built-in Hand-washing Sinks In Toilets
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Let’s talk about re-using water! The amount of water we are going to save if we develop this innovation in every other country is maximum. The same water will be used to flush, which was earlier used to wash your hands. That’s smart!

12. Mini McDonald’s

Mini McDonald's
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Most of us love McDonald’s! This takeaway mini store in Japan is cute and attractive as well as severs to a lot of people. It’s the world’s smallest McDonald’s.

13. Indoor Waterpark

Indoor Waterpark
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Seagaia Ocean Dome, in Japan, is one of the world’s biggest indoor waterparks. It is located in the Japanese city of Miyazaki. Families come here and enjoy the same experience they would enjoy in any other beach or waterpark. There are many recreational activities available, including water slides and you might even find monkeys jumping around. The roof is open which allows its customers to enjoy the sunbath, in case of bad weather you still can enjoy the same experience with the dome roof closed.

14. Most Organized Airport Luggage Pick Up

Most Organized Airport Luggage Pick Up
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Don’t you get annoyed when the luggage pick up is seen as a huge task, get the bags, don’t miss any one of them? What makes this job even harder is when these bag’s handle is downwards and not facing towards you to pick them up. The struggle is real. However, coming back from an airport in Japan, all the bags are upright with handles facing outward for easy pick-up.

15. Arcades: Multi-Storey Buildings

Arcades: Multi-Storey Buildings
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Are you surprised? One of many other Japan’s cultures includes the gaming sector, which as you may see is quite huge. There are literally huge multi-story buildings up to 10 floors designed just for gaming purposes.

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