Top 15 Ways To Develop Or Boost Your Creativity

Creativity is about finding new ways to do your things. This is not a skill developed in an instant, not only restricted to artists, musicians, writers. It is useful for everyone in different parts of life. If you want to be a little more creative in your approach, look at some of the ways.

Top 15 Ways To Develop Or Boost Your Creativity

1. Devote Yourself To Develop Creativity

Devote Yourself To Develop Creativity
Source: Verywell Mind

Firstly, you need to be a devotee to devote yourself fully to your abilities. Don’t get away from your thoughts. Set some schedule, fix your goals and try to analyse the different scenarios to develop your skills.

2. Become An Expert

Become An Expert
Source: Forbes

Becoming a master or expert in a specific area is one of the best ways to develop or boost your creativity. By having a rich understanding, you will be able to analyse and make decisions in a better way. You can also put your innovative thoughts or ideas in front of the world. 

3. Reward Your Curiosity

Reward Your Curiosity
Source: Medium

One blockage that you face during being creative is to restrict yourself from being curious. Instead of keeping yourself aside, try to be a little more active and curious about the things going around you.

4. Try To Take Risks 

Try To Take Risks
Source: Entrepreneur

You need to be willing to take risks in order to enhance your creativity. You might not get success every time in taking risks, but your efforts will definitely help you in building up new talents and boosting your creative skills. By taking risks and making efforts, it will help you serve well in future. 

5. Build Up Confidence

Build Up Confidence
Source: ThoughtCo

Confidence is the key to success! In order to suppress the insecurities inside you, it is very important to build confidence. Not being confident can suppress your creative skills. 

6. Play Music In The Background

Play Music In The Background
Source: Happiness On

Office days are all about meetings and hectic schedules with high priority meetings. Listening to music improves your thinking; it is scientifically researched and proven. By playing the music at your desk while working relaxes your mind. Listen to music with headphones or earplugs you can notice an effect on your thinking and creativity.

7. Read Books To Develop Creativity

Read Books To Develop Creativity
Source: Calm Moment

Reading enhances the imagination and stimulates the mind. The more you’ll read the more you explore your mind in new ways and thus the more creative you become. 

Sometimes reading can be boring but choose the books that interest you and read for almost 30 minutes daily before you go to bed. Slowly you’ll start developing interest in reading. This way you can be more creative by reading 1-2 books per month. 

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8. Meditation

Source: Healthline

Meditation relaxes and allows your mind peace by stopping thousand thoughts that run through your mind. Through meditation, anyone can achieve inner peace, which is beneficial to think in a creative and fresh way. 

9. Solve Puzzles Or Play Mind Games

Solve Puzzles Or Play Mind Games
Source: Oprah Magazine

Playing games and puzzles stimulates your brain to look at everything differently. You have to make new approaches while playing that helps you boost up your creative approach and skills. 

10. Pen Down Your Ideas

Source: The Ready Writers

Make a habit of writing down your ideas as soon as you get them. Keep coming up with new ideas and thoughts; this way you can train your brain to explore in various paths. 

By writing down you don’t have to always remember and this allows you to create more room for new thoughts and ideas. 

11. Eat Blueberries 

Eat Blueberries
Source: Eat This, Not That

Blueberries are considered to be anti-oxidant in its function, which is good for your brain and thinking abilities. It helps maintain the function of your brain and improve memory too. Blueberries have other health benefits too, so enjoy eating them every day.

12. Practice 

Source: Spirituality & Health

Practice makes a man perfect. I know it’s cliche, but it’s true. If you want to be a good writer, then you must write every day about any topic. If you want to be a great designer, then design something new every day. 

So, practice well in whichever field you have an interest; this way you can boost your creativity. 

13. Fight Your Fear Of Failure

Fight Your Fear Of Failure
Source: ExactDrive

The fear of failure is the one thing that stops your progress and makes you vulnerable. Whenever facing such kinds of problems, try to remember that these are only the part of the process. Mistakes often lead you to wisdom.

Carrying your self-motivating art would definitely lead you to success.

14. Overcome Negative Attitudes That Block Creativity

Overcome Negative Attitudes That Block Creativity
Source: GoodTherapy

Basically, try to negotiate the negative thoughts arising during the process. It’s been noticed that thinking of the thoughts wrongfully often makes you more afraid and shaky towards your goal. Hence, try being on a positive note always.

15. Consider Alternative Scenarios

Consider Alternative Scenarios
Source: Business Dictionary

While considering any situation, try to tackle it with the question, ” What if”. Asking this question might give you a fair idea of all the possibilities that may arise. If you opt for a certain approach, what would be the consequences?

By looking at these things before, you would develop a better creative approach.

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