Top 15 Ways To Put Together A Perfect Wardrobe

Most people do not put much effort into their clothes, but it is essential to have a perfect wardrobe. Make a wardrobe that reflects your personality.

Top 15 Ways To Put Together A Perfect Wardrobe

1. Create An Inspiration Board Of Clothing You Love

Ways To Put Together A Perfect Wardrobe
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This can be done only when you find your style, which is not as easy as it sounds. You can know your own style by realizing the kind of clothes you love to wear and which fashion influencer’s style you like to follow. Buy clothes according to that, and you are all sorted.

2. Decide Your Signature Look And Purchase On A Foundation Basis

buy basic items
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You do not have to buy anything that looks pretty. You have to buy something that fits your body type. Or else you can buy clothes that are on a complete basis and go with many other things. You can buy basics like tank tops, wrap-around dress, white shirt, jacket, pair of jeans, etc.

3. Declutter Your Wardrobe

declutter your wardrobe
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First of all, it is imperative to get rid of those clothes that are already in your wardrobe to buy new clothes. I know it is tough to get rid of the clothes that you love. But trust me, it can be done by questioning yourself whether you will wear it in the future, have you worn it last year, or is it going to compliment your other outfits?

4. Apply The Flip The Hanger Approach For 12 Months

flip the hanger approach
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This can be done by arranging all your hangers in one direction. After you have worn something, place that hanger in the opposite direction. After 12 months you will know the clothes that you don’t ever wear. Every hanger that has changed the direction shows the clothes you haven’t worn, and those can be discarded.

5. Arrange Your Closet Like A Pro

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No, you don’t need a professional to do this job. You can do this pretty much yourself. The easiest way to do this is by hanging all your tops, shirts, pants, jeans, jackets, etc., in separate groups. You can also arrange them in color code to get a more fun outlook.

6. Before Buying An Item Make Sure It Matches At Least 5 Pieces In Your Closet

buy an item that matches others
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This trick will help you arrange your closet and assist you to spend money more effectively and not waste it on things you’ll hardly wear.

7. Becoming A Pro In Mixing And Matching

mixing and matching
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This thing requires time and also some skills. You can take out some time in a month and mix and match your clothes by placing them on your bed and picturing in your head how you’ll look after wearing them.

8. Keep Your Staples To A Similar Color Palette

staples in a similar color palette
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Try to keep your staples in a similar color palette. You can either opt for cool or warm tones according to your likes and fashion sense. Also, do not forget to include accessories that completely uplift the outfit.

9. Don’t Keep Things That You Hope To Fit Into Again

Don't Keep Things That You Hope To Fit Into Again
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It is time to move on. Longing to fit into certain clothes that have been taking up space in your wardrobe for years is not worth it. Rather donate such clothes and buy new ones that go with your body type.

10. Be Sure To Toss Out Something Old, When You Bring In Something New

Discard old clothes
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There’s no point in pilling up all the clothes you’ve ever bought in your wardrobe. Make a habit of tossing old clothes out whenever you buy something new for yourself.

11. Focus On Your Best Features While Purchasing An Outfit

Focus On Your Best Features While Purchasing An Outfit
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We have already talked about buying clothes that perfectly match your body type. Similarly, it is also important to buy clothes that focus on your best features and enhances that part of your body. You can wear nice jeans if you have great legs, wear a bodycon dress if you have an hourglass figure, wear sleeveless tops if you have toned arms.

12. Make Your Wardrobe Uniquely Yours

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Never copy anyone’s style; rather, have something in your wardrobe, which is uniquely your type. Only own those clothes which go with your style and make you feel confident.

13. Forget ‘Half Price’ Or ‘Sale’ Traps

don't buy on sale
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This is just a marketing trick that makes each one of us greedy. We buy all those things which we don’t even need just because they were on sale. This way, you are just squandering money and also losing your wardrobe space to unnecessary items.

14. Put Together A Capsule Wardrobe

capsule wardrobe
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A capsule wardrobe is a small collection of clothing that you love. It is minimalistic and streamlines all your clothing, thus easing your task of dressing up.

15. You Will Be Happier, Lighter, And Less Anxious

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Having a perfect wardrobe will make you feel happy and lighter and save you a good amount of time. You will not have to waste your 15 minutes standing in front of your wardrobe, speculating what to wear. It will also make you less anxious, and you will have more time to spend doing things you love.

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