Top 15 Luxury Hobbies For the Rich

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Many people, in general, do not even have a hobby. Even if you ask them what they like to do in their leisure time, they would probably say work. Clearly, this is not the right way to lead your life. The people belonging to the richer section of society usually possess certain luxury hobbies they like to pursue when free from their scheduled lives.

Top 15 Luxury Hobbies For the Rich

1. Travel

Luxury Hobbies
source: forbes

Being able to travel to any place you want is an absolute luxury. Rich people usually love to spend their free time traveling to new and exotic places. They really like exploring new countries and spending money doing that. What else could be a better hobby than this?

2. Skiing


Yes, skiing can also be a luxury hobby. Rich people often fly to some exclusive places which are in the reach of very few tourists. You might have seen many such people posting on their social media while skiing with their friends and family. Well yeah, that is because it is one of the things they like doing.

3. Wines

source: nippon

You might already know that many rich people own an entire collection of high-end wines. They do not just like to buy these exclusive wines, but they like to go a step ahead of it; these people also like to have their own wine brands.

4. Yachting

source: af yachting

Believe it or not but rich people actually spend a lot of money on this. This is certainly not some basic yachting, but it is a complete 5-star feeling with all the amenities that a common person might not have thought of.

5. Politics

source: international monetory fund

 It sounds crazy, but it is true. Many rich and well-known people enter the field of politics. No one could be a better example than US President Donald Trump, whom we are all aware of. Others include Arnold Schwarzenegger, the governor of California, Jaya Bachchan, a member of the Rajya sabha in India, and many other big names.

6. Cigarette Boat Racing

source: the verge

This activity is both thrilling and amusing, and many people love doing it. These boats are highly expensive and could cost you up to $1 million, and if you add all the supporting cost, then the price might even rise further.

7. Horses

source: travel + leisure

 No, we are not just talking about watching a horse race or learning horse riding. Rich people actually like to own their personal horses. People who risk their money on horse racing are all filthy rich who can easily afford any such losses that might arise from bets like these.

8. Golf

source: golf week

Almost every rich person possesses a golf club membership, and it is not at all surprising. This is one of their favorite activities to do in their free time. Many of the luxury golf clubs could cost you about $300,000 just to join. The additional yearly fee will take the cost even higher.

9. Flying

source: adventure in sikkim

Be it enjoying in a hot air balloon or paragliding, or learning how to fly their own private jet, all of these things come under the interests of rich people. Many of them actually know how to fly a plane, such as Angelina Jolie, Gul Panag, Shahid Kapoor, Tom Cruise, etc.

10. Sports Team Owner


Well, this might not sound like a hobby, but believe me, it is one of the things rich people like investing their money in. Shahrukh Khan and Mukesh Ambani own an entire IPL team. Abhishek Bachan owns a Kabaddi team, and Ranbir Kapoor has his own Football team. This is something the rich love spending their money on.

11. Art

source: CNN

Rich people often spend a fortune on buying these expensive art pieces. They love buying exclusive and antique things to expand their collection or as gifts for their kins.

12. Philanthropy

source: julie blais comeau

Many rich people are philanthropists; they love donating their money for good causes. More than 80% of the world’s wealthy people are associated with their own NGOs and other sorts of charitable trusts. Some of them have even pledged to give a major portion of their wealth to noble causes after their death.

13. Exotic Pets

source: good housekeeping

This has become a common hobby amongst this particular class of people. It has also become a way to show their wealth apart from just having fun with it. For instance, Mike Tyson owns 3 tigers, and he spends thousands of dollars in taking care of them, which is not it; there are many more examples. 

14. Rare Collections

source: subhash sanas vintage car

Collecting rare items such as vintage cars, stamps, furniture, and paintings is something they love to do. They spent a good amount of their money on these things, and it has also become a way to flaunt how much wealth they possess.

15. Real Estate

source: investopedia

Buying and selling luxury houses has become a game of sorts for the rich. They buy new houses and sell them immediately at higher prices, making huge profits. This is a means of fun for them and increases their real estate knowledge in the long run.

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