Top 15 Craziest Rides in the World

Adrenaline is a drug that is not only legal but also created without much expense. All you have to do is to head outside your comfort zone and work on it. And rides which make your heart jump out of your mouth and your eyes shut so tightly as if you have seen the worst ghost of your life are the best way to dope yourself with unimaginable amounts of adrenaline.

Top 15 Craziest Rides in the World

1. Swing At the End of The World at Ecuador

 1. Swing At the End of The World at Ecuador:

This swing is almost 2660 meters above the sea level and hangs from the branches of Casa de Arbol tree, giving a spellbinding view of the cliff.

2. Giant Canyon Swing, USA

2. Giant Canyon Swing, USA:

Located at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, this one swings riders out 1,300 feet above the Colorado River, giving the perfect sensations of dreadful negative gravitational force.

3. X-Scream, Las Vegas, USA

 3. X-Scream, Las Vegas, USA:

This thrilling ride is perched on top of an observation tower, almost 900 feet above the Vegas Strip. It gives the best free-falling sensation as it is tilted 27 feet off the edge of the Stratosphere.

4. Talocan ride, Germany

 4. Talocan ride, Germany:

This ride will leave you breathless as you spin up, down and all around. While on it, you will be subjected to water jets and flames of fire. keeping true to the god after which the theme park is named- Tlaloc, who lashes out with lightning, thunder, and rain.

5. The Incredible Hulk at Islands of Adventure theme park, USA

 5. The Incredible Hulk at Islands of Adventure theme park, USA:

This hell of a ride will make you realize just how crazy powerful Hulk actually is with its 7 full inversions and a 100-foot drop and the feeling of weightlessness you feel in the roll.

6. Giant Discovery

 6. Giant Discovery:

Giant Discovery swings riders back and forth in a seemingly out-of-control pendulum motion while rotating anticlockwise. The riders feel both the positive and negative pull of gravitation as the pendulum swings while rising 150 feet up in the air.

7. Banshee Roller Coaster

7. Banshee Roller Coaster:

With its crazy length of 1257 metres, Banshee roller coaster is the longest inverted roller coaster in the world. And at 7 meters of height, anyone can get goosebumps just by sitting on the beast.

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8. Over The Edge, Amsterdam

   8. Over The Edge, Amsterdam:

It is Europe’s highest swing, offering the visitors a 360-degree view of the city from 100 meters height over the edge of A’DAM Tower.

9. Flying Fury

  9. Flying Fury:

You will rotate 360 degrees but also will be lifted up to the height of 120 feet and then dived as well. If that doesn’t convince you of the fury that this ride weights to unfurl upon you, I don’t know what will.

10. Diamondback at Kings Island, USA

The most expensive roller coaster at Kings Island with 10 drops and a thunderous speed of 80 miles per hour is classic but also strong enough to make you scream your loudest.

11. Insanity: The Ride, USA

 11. Insanity: The Ride, USA:

Another one in Las Vegas, this ride dangles the passengers 65 feet above the building of the Stratosphere. This ride can make the experience of the rider feel as much as 3 g’s.

12. Wild Gorge Swing, South Africa

12. Wild Gorge Swing, South Africa:

The Wild Gorge Swing is situated atop the Lehrs Falls in South Africa’s Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve. They fling you down from a height equivalent to that of a 33 story building. This experience, albeit lasting for not more than 30 seconds, will give you an unmatched adrenaline rush.

13. Ejection Seat

13. Ejection Seat:

This beast will make the rider feel up to 4.8 g’s and make you feel butterflies in your core.

14. Screamin’ Swing, USA

14. Screamin' Swing, USA:

Another pendulum that will make you feel you are being flung out to the sky but just then you will be brought back to earth only to be flung out again. Fun, right?

15. Speed Windmill Ride

   15. Top Scan, South Korea:

The ride comprises six free-rotating gondolas with five seats each. It is 20 meters high and the most thrilling ride in the world.

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