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Top 15 Movies That Leave You Scratching Your Head

Movies can be more than just a visual experience. They can also be a mentally engaging exercise, especially when it involves different movie genres. There are mystery movies, which have layers and layers of meanings....

Top 15 Adult Novels Better Than Fifty Shades Of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey was an important milestone when it comes to erotica literature. It normalized female sexual desires and no longer made it a taboo. But the writing and the characters were far from...

Top 15 Most Unique Parks that will amaze you

Parks are places for recreation and to spend some calm time with your loved ones. Parks are preferred for outings with children such as a picnic or playdates. Although some parks in the world offer...

Top 15 Strangest Things Worshipped Around the World

Religion and the idea of worshipping is millenniums old and it keeps changing and transforming. From Sun to earth to the universe itself, everything has been considered holding some kind of power at one point of time in...

15 Photos That Prove The Ancients Had A Sexier Life Than You

Living in the modern world, one would think that we have a long, long way from considering sex as a taboo and something to be all hush-hush about. Yes, even though sex is still something...

Top 15 Brutal Punishments in Ancient Civilizations

Punishments are as important for civilization as food, as the fear of it keeps every person in the limits of the law. In recent years, the idea of hanging as severe punishment has become prevalent,...

Top 15 Ideas for Unconventional Dates to Try

If you are one of those people who are tired of going to a café or a restaurant every time you want to spend some sweet time with your significant other and are utterly bored...

Top 15 Ways South Korea Is Different From The World

South Korea has grown and developed rapidly in the years after the war, even after being an active war zone. A small country, area-wise, it is home to a rich culture and history that has...

Top 15 Beautiful Words We Need In English

Even though English has a vast collection of 180,000 words in its vocabulary, there are still some feelings that just fail to express. Here are some of the beautiful words that should be included in...


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Top 15 Jaw-dropping Expensive Houses Around The World

What we common people live in is a house but what millionaires live in, is a dreamy palace beyond our imagination. They have built...

Top 15 Outrageous Ingredients Used in Making Toothpaste From Ages

"Nothing you wear is more important than your smile."Connie Stevens The efforts to maintain a dazzling smile has been a primary antecedence in human society...

Top 15 Weirdest Myths about World Creation

We all know everything we have to know about the world and how it began. But when it comes to the mythological background of it, we are awe-struck at the magnitude of our ignorance. Let's check out some of the weirdest myths people believe around the world.

Top 15 Expensive Paintings That People Bought

How much one must pay for an exquisite painting? A couple of hundred bucks, a thousand or a million? The price needs to be...

Top 15 Royal Etiquette Rules You Should Know

Royal Etiquette is the protocol that royals compulsorily have to follow to maintain the expected standard of behavior. Royal families are those families who...

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