Top 15 Unique Beauty Standards Around The World

‘Beauty’ is a word with vast meaning. In the modern world, where activists are trying to get women to love their natural flaws and not go too harsh on their own bodies and skin, there are still plenty of beauty standards that limit women’s perspective of being beautiful. Here are the top 15 beauty standards around the world.

Top 15 Unique Beauty Standards Around The World

1. The Netherlands

The Netherlands
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In The Netherlands, women get extraocular implants to become more ‘beautiful’. This is essentially a surgical procedure that involves implanting a piece of platinum molded into beautiful shapes into the eye. It is done by a licensed ophthalmologist and is only legal in this one country.

2. Iran

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In Iran, nose jobs are very popular among both men and women and are oftentimes a way to assert their luxuriance over others. People even keep the bandage on their noses longer than necessary to showcase their lavish lifestyle. People wear those bandages like badges to let others know that they are rich enough to get a nose job and hence should be respected. 

3. Indonesia

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Many tribes of Indonesia consider pointy and sharp teeth accept as normal beauty standards. They get their teeth chiseled from the sides to make them look like a goblins. This agonizing and torturing procedure is generally done without any numbing and women are eager to have it performed on them. 

4. USA

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It is funny to think about how tanning is considered one of the beauty standards in the United States of America when in most south Asian countries tanning is shunned by women.

The women of the USA get tanned with the help of tanning beds and many directly utilize the burning sun, which can cause serious skin damage and even skin cancer.

5. Japan

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In Japan, women pay to get ‘extra tooth’ to fit in the weird beauty standards popular in the country. Through a procedure called ‘yaeba’, the women of Japan get a snaggle-toothed look, which is considered beautiful due to it providing a more youthful look.

6. Russia

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The women of Russia believe in always looking beautiful and elegant. You will never catch one out in public with a ratty shirt and some sweatpants; they give their appearance full time and effort to make themselves look graceful. They also value makeup a great deal.

7. Kenya

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The Masai women of Kenya prefer to have very short hair that one might call a buzz cut. They have huge earlobes, stretched due to the tribal practice of wearing many heavy earrings. They wear big self-made earrings in their ears and consider it as a beauty standard.

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8. Thailand

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The Kayan tribe of Thailand demands its women to wear brass rings around their neck to stretch it and make it longer. Little girls start wearing these rings from the age of five, and each year more and more rings are added. The longer their necks are, the more beautiful the women would be!

9. China

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Although this sort of disturbing practice has been banned in China for quite some time, some older women affected by ‘foot-binding’ in their youth are still present in the country.

This painful procedure required a woman’s foot to be broken and to be bent at odd angles to make it look smaller and hence ‘beautiful’. This procedure was once well known across the country as a popular one among women of high status and money.

10. France

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In France, women are encouraged to let their natural beauty shine. They are urged to not put makeup on and to celebrate their flaws as unique and different. Thin, fat, clear skin, acne, complexion, etc. are not ways to tear down the women of France. This is the mentality all women across the world need today, way to go to France!

11. India

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In India, fair complexion is considered the ultimate beauty standard. Although the natural skin of Indian women is of beautiful brown colour, still they are compelled by society to use products to make their skin colour ‘lighter’ and hence ‘beautiful truly’.

12. Mauritania


In Mauritania, big women are considered beautiful. Thinner women might be the beautiful face of many countries but here, the bigger the woman the more beautiful she is considered. Many families reportedly force-feed their daughters to help them gain weight. Although the practice is rapidly disappearing, there are people who believe in this standard.

13. Ethiopia

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The Ethiopian, Karo tribe believes that scarification makes a woman beautiful. Young girls are scarred with pointy tools to make designs and they carry the scars into their adulthood in the form of beautiful art designs. This practice is extremely painful but is considered sacred in many tribes.

14. Korea

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Korean women, also consider fair, very fair skin to be the ultimate beauty standard. In the country, darker skin is considered a sign of low social status and lesser wealth. They willingly hide their naturally beautiful porcelain skin under an artificial sham of blinding fairness.

15. New Zealand

New Zealand
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The Maori women of New Zealand prefer to have elaborated chin tattoos traditionally known as ‘ta-moko’. The tribe considers women with these tattoos beautiful and chisels them into their kin at a very young age. Ouch!

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