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Top 15 Indian Spices And Their English Names

Every kitchen has these amazing aroma ingredients that include a plethora of Indian spices there. Have you ever wondered what are they called in English? They are very much known to us, by their household...

Top 15 Inspirational Quotes To Begin Your Day With.

Every day is a new beginning, with lots of opportunities. We have to start our day with a mindset to conquer whatever life throws at us. Here we bring some amazing quotes to demystify the...

Top 15 Bizarre Dishes Eaten Around The World

The world accorded us with many beauteous enigmas and unforgettable scenery that our eyes are still not able to satisfy. Among these wonders, different cultures, ethnicity, etc. made a different lifestyle in it. With this,...


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Top 15 Adult Novels Better Than Fifty Shades Of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey was an important milestone when it comes to erotica literature. It normalized female sexual desires and no longer made it...

Top 15 Poorest Countries In The World

The world has enough resources to fulfill the basic need of every human being on the planet. But there still are some countries deprived...

Top 15 Destinations Ideas For First Time Backpackers

India It is a huge country with endless things to explore. It is also relatively less expensive than in other countries. The people in India...

Top 15 Other-Worldly Tourist Attractions

“I SEE DEAD PEOPLE, DO YOU?” In a world driven by logistics; that is constantly striving to attain scientific and technological advancements, isn’t it hilarious when one...

Top 15 Romantic Destinations To Get Hitched In Style!

Marriages are love bonds which are said to be made in heaven by our ancestors. Marriage, according to the Indian Mythology is considered as...

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