Top 15 Inspirational Quotes To Begin Your Day With.

Every day is a new beginning, with lots of opportunities. We have to start our day with a mindset to conquer whatever life throws at us. Here we bring some amazing quotes to demystify the power of amazing words said by the vibrant minds of the world. Let us now know what they want us to know.

Top 15 Inspirational Quotes To Begin Your Day With.

1. John Wooden

He wanted us to know what we have in our hand. He said these words to realize the power we have to shape our lives. Life is a canvas to draw our masterpieces.

2. Napoleon Hill

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This man wrote many books to inspire people. In here he tries to bring us to the fact that to grow and strengthen we have to hustle continuously.

3. George Elliot

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In Hindi there is a great saying: It’s morning only when you wake up. Elliot puts it in this way, whenever you decide to be the one you always wanted to be, it’s never late. Buckle up and do what it takes.

4. Steve Jobs

The man behind Apple, says that life is too short to be lived like someone else. You have to be you, to make the most of it.

5. Robert Schuller

He says: you are tough to be tired, we make ourselves to live longer when we do something that is productive. Times will change unless you don’t change, everything is in your own hands.

6. Les Brown

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He pulls out a reality check and says: Because we are living our fears, we can never live our dreams.

7. Confucius

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Slow and steady wins the race. Your speed does not matter, the inner motivation to keep you going does.

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8. Lao Tzu

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Lao is great when it comes to approaching life. A though at the starting of your day will make your entire day an outcome of your thoughts. Make sure you have a positive one.

9. Beverly Sills

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Failure is a learning process, but not trying is the way to get yourself dumped. When you don’t try you cannot be what you always wanted to be.

10. Grandma Moses

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It’s always we who give meaning to us every day. Our lives are the outcome of what we have put it, and the decisions that we have taken.

11. Karen Lamb

We always look ourselves back, and we always say, I wish I had known them before. And still, we do the same. This is what the message is.

12. Albert Einstein

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Who does not know what this man has made out of his life? He was called a fool, and now all the intelligent people are trying to become like him. He has something to say before you start your day and that is:

13. Jimmy Johnson

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We always wonder, what is it that they do and I don’t. How come they are in a better place. This is what it is- A Little Extra.

14. Napoleon Bonaparte

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Once the great conqueror has said that, he just don’t realize how powerful we are. If we can we would have been flying very high.

15. Isaac Newton

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Without trying you may reach nowhere. Even when you guess, you start a journey that may lead to discovery. Start Now!

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