Top 15 First Movies in Different languages.

Movies and popcorn is our idea of entertainment starting from the 1900’s, I imagine how people lived before? We love the Hollywood action and the Bollywood drama but what makes the history of cinema so special. With each language giving a start to silent or feature films, we stand in the diversity of not only cultures, virtues or religion but Movies also. Here are some firsts of 15 languages out of many, spoken in the land of diversity

Top 15 First Movies in Different languages.

1. Hindi Language: Raja Harishchandra

Hindi Language: Raja Harishchandra

As the name suggests it is about the life of Harishchandra, the movie was released in 1913. Phalke learned film-making from London, then started his own Phalke films, playing all the roles. It is a silent film to embark the start of Hindi Film Industry. All the roles were played by men, as no women volunteer could be found.

2. English Language: In old California (Silent Movie )

English Language: In old California (Silent Movie )

In 1910, Griffith accumulated the guts to direct a movie, because of the friendly people and beautiful scenery in California. The movie revolves around the Mexican era in California. Did you know, you are imagining some cow boys running up a hill? Maybe you should check out the movie once.

3. Marathi Language: Raja Harishchandra

Marathi Language: Raja Harishchandra

It is the first movie to come up in Marathi television because it was directed by Dadasaheb Phalke, making Marathi the oldest film industry colliding with Bollywood. But the first movie to come up with a language is Ayodhyecha Raja. It was released in 1932.

4. Tamil Language : Keechaka Vadham

Tamil Language : Keechaka Vadham

We all are inspired by stories we hear and the tales we have heard growing up, thus was the story of a rich and powerful man who got killed by Bheem, later leading his daughter to marry Abhimanyu. Being a silent film it contains a powerful message. It was released in 1918.

5. Punjabi Language: Pind Di Kurhi

Punjabi Language: Pind Di Kurhi

Noor Jahan made her first impression on the world with the movie, released in 1935, the movie was a talkie and got recognition in the whole country. The movie is also known as Sheela.

6. Telugu Language: Bhakta Prahlada

Telugu Language: Bhakta Prahlada

The story of Prahlada, the reason we celebrate Holi. How connected the past cinema has always been, true to fact, therefore, is a story released in Telugu cinema in 1967.

7. Rajasthani Language: Nijarano

Well, not leaving Rajasthani films behind the first one released in 1942, named Nijarano but couldn’t hit the screens with enthusiasm. So the first “talkie” film came, Babasa ri ladhli, in 1961, as the name says is a story of a small girl, guided by her father.

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8. Assamese Language: Joymoti

Assamese Language: Joymoti

This movie is released in 1935. Borphukan, the Ahom king, tortures and kills Joymoti, a princess, to find the whereabouts of her husband Prince Gadapani. Her death leads people to revolt against the cruel king. Wuhf, I guess Assamese was a fan of thriller mystery!! Too many murders to handle.

9. Bengali Language: Billwamangal

Bengali Language: Billwamangal

It is a story of a man facing hardships in his life due to his relationship, ah! Drama- Romance, I must say though the story belongs to a Gujarati writer, productions and directions remain from Bengal cinema. 1919 is when the story of Billwamangal hit the screens.

10. Gujarati Language: Narsinha Mehta

Gujarati Language: Narsinha Mehta

The film as the name suggests is a biography of the saint-poet Narsinha Mehta, made as the first Gujarati talkie is a biography, which took place in 1932.

11. Bodo Language: Alayaron

Bodo Language: Alayaron

Wait a minute! Bodo, What language is that? Where is it spoken, In India, Where? Northeastern Indian states of Assam and Meghalaya and Bangladesh.

Alayaron is the first feature film in Bodo, 1986. It is based on the ” Mwdwi ArwGwlwmdwi”, a story written by Nilkamal Brahma. Also, it won the 33rd National Award for the best feature film in Bodo.

12. Kashmiri Language : Mainz Raat

Kashmiri Language : Mainz Raat

A cliche plot of how a boy and a girl fell in love, just to find that the world is against them. But with some beautiful display of culture and Picturesque scenes, it became a delight to watch especially where people were unknown to the Beauty of the city.

13. Malyalam Language: Vigathakumaran

Malyalam Language: Vigathakumaran

This movie was given an award for the Social-Drama feature, the plot being very interesting as there is the kidnapping of a rich child, who then works as a laborer while his relative visits the city where he works, well, rest is a climax of a happy reunion. 

14. Sindhi Language: Umar Marvi

Sindhi Language: Umar Marvi

This is the first Sindhi film directed while the first one produced was Ekta, as it goes back to a time when India and Pakistan were one, Sindhi got its origin in Pakistan. Umar Mrvi is a story made into a film, where the film is lost as it couldn’t be preserved.

15. Konkani Language: Mogacho Anvaddo

Konkani Language: Mogacho Anvaddo

Produced by Jerry Breganza, known to be the father of Konkani Cinema, gives a plot of falling in love with a rich spoiled brat and a poor girl. The meaning of Mogacho Anvaddo is Love’s Craving.

Starting from 1910, when the first English movie was released. Hollywood and Bollywood have made their own stepping stones to be known worldwide now. The world has progressed with new creativity, cinematography and scripts but one thing that intrigues me about the past is how all the stories were based on facts and lives. The film lovers still continue to wish for more, but all lingual movies stay deep inside the person belonging to the language.

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