Sakchi Khandelwal

A budding journalist with an extraordinary appetite to explore new horizons and spread happiness.

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Top 15 Strange Animals Around The Globe

To us, animals found in the zoo are the only animals exist in this whole entire world, but have you ever thought that in spite of different species there are lots of animals who's traits...

Top 15 Rare Sports You Might Be Unaware Of

Different sports around the world have entrenched themselves into the cultural setting and have a mass following. But here we have listed down some rare sports that not many of us might know of. These...

Top 15 Ways Your Pet Keeps You Healthy

Pets are always cute, humble and a playable being to us. We caress them, protect them, play with them, but that doesn't mean they do not care for us. They indirectly and directly keep us...

Top 15 Weird Marriage Traditions Around The World

Who doesn't get excited about weddings? We all love attending marriages and watching the traditions followed by both the bride and groom. In Hindu nuptials, there's a tradition to steal the groom's shoes by the...

TOP 15 Strange Superstitions Around The Globe

Have you ever been restricted from shaking your legs by your mother? Or have been stopped while walking when a cat crosses your path? We all are surrounded by different and strange superstitions with different...



Top 15 Effective Ways To Grow Social Media Engagement

Social media has truly evolved as a platform to gain income and popularity especially, among the younger generation, but the main hurdle that people...

Top 15 Weirdest Museums In And Around The World

1. Cancun Underwater museum: This is one of the biggest jaw dropping museum. Its pretty hard to imagine a museum submerged in the ocean. And...

Top 15 Skincare Basics For A Healthy, Glowing Skin

In a world with numerous beauty influencers and tonnes of skincare brands, it sometimes gets difficult to get hand of the basics and realise...

Top 15 Ways To Deal With Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is quite common in today's world since the accessibility of drugs has increased. The concept of doing drugs is sighted to be...

Top 15 Absurd and Hilarious Thoughts A Child Had

It is healthy maneuvering down the memory lane from your childhood. Reiterating those memories not only invigorates you but also proves to be a...

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