Top 15 Ways Your Pet Keeps You Healthy

Pets are always cute, humble and a playable being to us. We caress them, protect them, play with them, but that doesn’t mean they do not care for us. They indirectly and directly keep us healthy by giving us such a loyal companionship. Their presence is no less than a trustworthy partner to us. Here’s how your pet keeps you healthy with their puppy eyes and innocent love.

Top 15 Ways Your Pet Keeps You Healthy

1. Mood Booster

Mood Booster
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Have you ever try to notice your dog or cat playing on their own? Or have you ever observed the fishes in your aquarium swimming? Take out a few minutes from your busy schedule and watch your pets doing mischievous things. It will not only make you feel calm and relieve your stress but will also boost your mood and keep you happy throughout the day. Touching or petting your pet can improve your mood as it increases the level of oxytocin and reduces the stress hormone, cortisol.

2. Better Blood Pressure

Better Blood Pressure
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As mentioned before, stroking and petting relives you from stress, a relaxation hormone is released from your body which helps in lowering the blood pressure and cut down your stress and makes both you and your pet feel good.

3. Reduces Cholesterol

 Reduces Cholesterol
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Having a pet makes your life more active than those with no pets. According to research by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, owning a pet decreases blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides.

4. Relieve From Depression

Relieve from Depression
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Have you tried to talk to your pet? If not, then try from now. Pets are friendlier than anyone else, they understand and listen to each of our quandaries. The comfort and warmth they give cannot be acquired by anyone else.

5. Boosts Immune System

Boosts Immune System
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Children who are grown up with dogs are said to have dealt with less or no allergies. Same as the children who live in villages with animals are more strong and healthy.

6. Diabetes Alert

Diabetes Alert
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People who are diabetic, a proper time to time diet is essential. A sudden drop in sugar level can affect them. But what’s the relation of the dog here? Dogs have a great sense of smell and the scent released from the body due to the chemical changes, alerts the dog to knock you for your health.

7. Defeating ADHD

Defeating ADHD
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ADHD is a childhood disorder where one finds it difficult to pay attention and control impulsive activities. As pets are fond of playing, they are beneficial in keeping the child occupied with chores, responsibility, and other activities. Pets burn off the excess energy from the children which helps them to sleep at night.

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8. Autism

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Children who are affected by Autism Sensory Disorder, have higher sensory issues and they find difficult to sense, and sometimes one to more senses overlap each other. Both dogs and horses are used for treating this disorder by keeping the kid with them as sensory integration activities help kids to feel something against their skin, a certain smell, and sound. Children feel calm to work with animals.

9. Stronger Bones

Stronger Bones
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Going for a walk with your dog will not only keep your dog healthy but also will help your bones to get stronger. Go for a morning walk or evening walk, going out will keep both of you active and the Vitamin D consumed by your body through the sun will help your bones and muscles to stay stronger.

10. Epilepsy

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Seizure dogs are being trained in a way to work and live with people suffering from epilepsy. Few dogs are trained to alert the parents whose children have a seizure and is moving or going to another room. Whereas some dogs, to avoid injuries, lies next to the person affected by a seizure.

11. Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson's Disease
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People who suffer from Parkinson’s disease get isolated from self-independence. Dogs are trained in a way that if the affected person drops something, they can pick it up for them. They provide balance support, helps in opening or closing doors, switching on or off the lights, and can even fetch people who the person asks for.

12. Healthy Heart

Healthy Heart
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Walking and staying with your pet keeps you healthy and your blood pressure low. Studies have found that people who suffer from abnormal heart rate or heart attack survivors, live more than the people who do not have a pet.

13. Avoid Loneliness

Avoid Loneliness
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Any pet, be it dog, cat, bird, or fish, the close contact between the owner and it’s pet can help in removing loneliness. The more you are connected to each other, the possibility of understanding each other is more. If one is lonely, a pet gives support and comfort just like a human being.

14. Horse Riding

Horse Riding
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For stroke patients, some rehab treatments use horses for their recovery. People who have stroke issues, ride horses with a person walking with the horse. Riding horses helps in stretching exercise which helps if one side of the body is weaker. It also helps in regaining strength and balance.

15. Stay Well With Them

Stay Well With Them
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Keep them well, stay well. Pets are innocent, they directly or indirectly help you to stay healthy from various aforementioned diseases. It’s our duty too to take care of them, keep them clean, play with them, keep them on a proper diet, and most importantly, keep them happy.

Who will not love soft snuggles, playful walks, and googly eyes staring at you? Trust me your pets do more than that for you and all they expect in return from you is a little love and care.

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