Top 15 Strange Superstitions Around The Globe

Have you ever been restricted from shaking your legs by your mother? Or have been stopped while walking when a cat crosses your path? We all are surrounded by different and strange superstitions with different stories varying from country to country. Why do people believe in superstition? It makes us question, but these superstitions given below are a part of the culture and lifestyle of people, and we cannot ignore it.

Top 15 Strange Superstitions Around The Globe

1. Placing Mirrors Opposite Each Other

Placing Mirrors Opposite Each Other
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In Mexico, keeping mirrors opposite to each other is an open call to the devil. It is believed that the infinite reflection of the mirror on each other generates bad vibes and evil energies.

2. Whistling At Home Calls Evil Spirits

Whistling At Home Calls Evil Spirits
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In the UK and Europe, it is forbidden to whistle at home. They believe, whistling at home invites evil spirits and bad omen. Whistling at home calls bad luck as well as death. According to their beliefs, whistling can make them suffer financial loss and attack of cockroaches at home.

3. Not to Make Toast With Water

Not to Make Toast With Water
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According to German mythology, proposing a toast to somebody with water is similar to hoping bad luck or even death on him or her. Also besides wishing death on a guest and yourself, cheers with water can even provoke the wrath of Gods.

4. Placing Shoes On The Table

Placing Shoes On The Table
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It is believed that placing shoes on a table is a symbol of death. In Britain, it’s forbidden to keep someone’s shoes on the table as it signifies the person’s death or bad luck. This action can also provoke a quarrel with a loved one or even can make someone lose his or her job.

5. Stepping On Dog’s Poop

Stepping On Dog's Poop
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It might seem unlucky to us, but in France, stepping on dog’s poop is actually a good omen. If you stepped on the poop from your left foot means good luck, whereas stepping from your right foot is a bad fortune.

6. Bird’s Poop

Bird's poop
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If a bird poop’s on a person, it is believed to be good luck to them. It is believed that as the bird follows the man to poop, similarly the good fortune is following him or her to shower blessings. The fortune highly steers towards wealth.

7. Knitting Prolongs The Winter

Knitting Prolongs The Winter
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A local belief of people who stay in Iceland is that if one knits outside the house, there’s a high chance of the winter to prolong. In many countries, pregnant women are forbidden to knit for their babies before they are born. They believe that even handling a needle with a friend can break the relationship.

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8. Eating Goat Can Grow Facial Hair

Eating Goat Can Grow Facial Hair
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In Rwanda, women forbid themselves from eating goat. It is believed that if women consume goats, their babies could be born hairy. Also, it is believed that they could grow facial hair.

9. Not To Chew Gum At Night

Not To Chew Gum At Night
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In Turkey, chewing gums should not be chewed at night. It is believed that people who chew gum at night are chewing the flesh of deceased bodies. In America, if a guy gives chewing gum to a girl, the girl is believed to stay by his side forever.

10. Do Not Drop Purse On The Floor

Do Not Drop Purse On The Floor
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Brazilians believe that if they drop their purse or wallet on the floor, then they can get penniless or can be cursed financially. Not only in Brazil, but also in some other countries like India, it is said to not to drop things like purse, money, or any other stationery, as they all are representatives of Indian goddess(goddess of wealth, goddess of knowledge, etc.).

11. Unlucky Animals

Unlucky Animals
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In many countries, living creatures or animals like black cats, black dogs, bats, rats, etc. It is believed that if a black cat crosses your path, it’s a bad omen or if a cat mourns beside or outside your house then it’s a sign that someone close to you is going to die. Rats are too a bad omen if they are black in colour, though white rats are a good omen.

12. Fan Death

Fan Death
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The most common superstition in South Korea. Koreans believe that if they sleep with the electric fans on with unopened or no windows in the room, then they can die. This superstition is also applicable to air conditioners. Koreans have a list of weird superstitions like not writing their names with red ink, or else they’ll die.

13. Touch-wood

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Any coincidence of thinking or speech makes us touch the wood. If two persons think or say the same thing together, they say “Touchwood” by touching the wood. It also wards off evil spirits.

14. Do Not Declare Your Last Drink

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This superstition is something we have never thought of, but in Cuba, it is believed that if one says “El ultimo” or tells about his or her last drink, then the person is tempting his or her fate and eventually inviting death soon. It’s a most common superstition believed there.

15. Enter With Your Right Foot

Enter With Your Right Foot
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People of Spain walks in every room with their right foot. For them, stepping in from right foot is a good fortune, similarly stepping in from a left foot is bad luck to them. In France, people are supposed to keep their right foot on the floor after they rise from the bed, it’s good luck to them.

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