Top 15 Disney and Nickelodeon Originals to Remember our Childhood

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Life of 90’s kid and a 2000’s kid was pretty different but one thing that was common was the great TV shows that aired on Disney and nickelodeon. Here’s the list of 15 awesome shows that we grew up watching

Top 15 Disney and Nickelodeon Originals to Remember our Childhood

1. Victorious

(Image credit: Nickelodeon)

It’s a show that revolves around a teenage girl and her friends from her school Hollywood arts. A school which teaches about performing Arts, where she got admission because of exceptional circumstances.

2. Wizard of Waverly Place

(Image credit:: Disney)

This is a show about a family of wizards who lives in New York. They have a wizard competition as only one sibling who wins this competition can keep these powers and their father is an ex wizard who lost his powers in the wizard competition to his own brother. Now he’s training his own children for the same competition.

3. iCarly

(Image credit: Nickelodeon)

It all started when Freddie, a friend of Carly shay and Sam Puckett, uploads the video of their playful banter on the internet and the video becomes a sensation. Then they decides to launch their own online show called iCarly. This show is about how these teenagers deal with the fame that comes with their online show and how they manage their other adolescence issues.

4. The Suit Life of Jack and Cody

(Image credit: Disney)

When Carey Martin got a job as a lounge singer at the five Star Tipton Hotel, she and her twin sons starts living in the suite located on the 5th floor of that hotel. The twins are loving their new living situation as they pull pranks on hotel staff and hotel guests. These episodes also involve London Tipton, the daughter of the hotel owner and Maddie Fitzpatrick, a girl who attends the candy counter.

5. Girl Meets World

(Image credit: Disney)

This show is the successor of 90’s famous show boy meets world. It is about a girl who experiences new things and learns life lessons with the help of her family’s values and friends’ support. Each episode is about a new lesson she learns through her experience.

6. Hannah Montana

(Image credit: Disney)

The story is about a teenage girl, who lives a double life as an average student, Miley Stewart and a super famous singer, Hannah Montana. Only a few people know about her double life and she has to conceal her true identity from the rest of the people.

7. That’s So Raven

(Image credit: Disney)

Raven Baxter is a teenage girl who has psychic powers. She can see the future and she has many misadventures while trying to make her predictions come true.

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8. Shake it Up!

(Image credit: Disney)

Rocky blue and Cece Jones, two best friends from high school, get a chance to perform as a background dancer in a local reality show called shake it up. The story is about their backstage, onstage, high school misadventure.

9. Big Time Rush

(Image credit: Nickelodeon)

It’s a story about four boys Kendall Knight, James Diamond, Carlos Garcia, and Logan Mitchell, who formed their own band and went to Hollywood to find their success and they face different issues problems in their career.

10. Good Luck Charlie

(Image credit: Disney)

Teddy, PJ and Gabe were just like any ordinary siblings until their parents had another baby, Charlie, on which the show is named. So their mother decided she’s going back to work after having the baby and now it’s up to the siblings and dad to take care of Charlie. Teddy started keeping a video diary for Charlie to help her through her future issues and teddy or any other member of the family says good luck to Charlie, at least once in each video.

11. Drake and Josh

(Image credit: Nickelodeon)

When Drake’s mother and Josh’s father got married and moved in together. They became stepbrothers and starts living together with their younger sister Megan. Both Drake and Josh have opposite personalities and now they have to learn how to get along.

12. Zoey 101

(Image credit: Nickelodeon)

The story revolves around the girl named Zoey brooks who along with her brother, Dustin, moved to California for boarding school. The boarding school known as pacific coast academy enrols girls for the first time ever so when the girls arrive for the first time in the ex-boys school, the romance begins.

13. Sam and Cat

(Image credit: Nickelodeon)

It’s a show about Sam from Icarly and a cat from Victorious. Who became roommates after the cat’s grandmother’s moves to old age home. Then they both start their own babysitting business and they have a lot of misadventures while running this business.

14. Austin and Ally

(Image credit: Disney)

Austin is a confident singer and instrumentalist and Ally is a songwriter who has a bad case of stage freight. When Austin mistakenly sang a song written by Ally and he get successful, Austin and Ally decide to start working together.

15. Jonas

(Image credit: Disney)

It’s a semi reality show that revolves around three Jonas brothers Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas. They follow the Jonas brothers to their concerts and shoots. It was about how they were managing their fame and their personal life.

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