Top 15 Types of Scariest Taboos Around the World

It was mainly meant for warriors who sacrificed themselves in order to discriminate themselves from the ordinary beings whom the warriors considered weaklings. It was also believed that the scars formed on the warriors are signs of certain spiritual powers that provided them security on the battlefield. Extending an age-old custom, scarification is still in vogue that is people get scarified being in accordance to fashion and not atavistic beliefs.

Top 15 Types of Scariest Taboos Around the World

1. Strike Banding

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This method includes heating a piece of metal and then pressing it unto the skin. The piece of metal is V-shaped. This method is not advisable for body curves.

2. Cold Branding

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This method is somewhat similar to the previous one. The only discrimination underlying is that unlike the previous method the branding tool is cooled with the help of liquid nitrogen. It also has the advantage that no keloids are created.

3. Cutting

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This method is also known as self-abuse. This method calls for the cutting of skin with a surgical scapel. The ink remains after the healing of the wound and the scarred design becomes more conspicuous.

4. Cautery Branding

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In this method of branding, a thermal cautery tool is used with a heated wire at the tipin order to create the burns which will be leveraged into scars.

5. Laser Branding

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This method is also known as electrosurgical branding. An electrosurgical unit is used to cut and cauterise the skin. Sparks that are released get incorporated into the skin resulting in the creation of scars. The vapourisation of skin takes place in such a way that the surrounding skin is not harmed.

6. Skin Removal

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Well, this technique is extra painful as areas of skin are sliced off in such a way that they culminate into designs. An experienced artist or a professional is recommended for this technique of scarification otherwise it can prove detrimental for the skin.

7. Packing

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A diagonal cut is made and then is packed with clay or ash in order to produce the scars which are deep-delved. This method has an emotional significance too as this method is more popular in Africa and people there prefer to ashes of the deceased who were their close and loved ones.

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8. Hatching

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A surgical scapel is put to use to cut the skin. This technique is similar to sketching. A large area can be designed and shades can also be applied.

9. Abrasion

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In this type of scarification, the layers of the skin are peeled off to form scars. Mostly, sandpapers are used in this technique.

10. Chemical Scarification

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Usage of corrosive chemicals to remove the skin and form the designs through scarring. Designs in this particular method might not be prominent enough.

11. Electrocautery

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In this technique, a thermos cautery unit is heated up to two-thousand degrees Fahrenheit. This creates a quick burn to the extremes. The advantage of this method is that the designs are more detailed and curves are also prominent.
In this technique, electricity is made to pass through the person’s skin which burns the skin and the scars are produced.

12. Moxibustion

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This method involves burning the skin until it extinguishes the flesh and only then do scars are form.

13. V-shaped cutting

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This method of scarification or modification of the body is along the same lines as the method of cutting. The only difference is that the cuts are done with a tool that resembles the alphabet “v” which is burnt and is kept attached to the skin for a few minutes which gives the body a scar.

14. Corset Piercing

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This kind of body modification is done in the spine. Apart from being painful it also carries high risks of infection of the skin.

15. Lips Stretching

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Stretching of lips is in vogue even in urban areas. It though looks painful but is safe if put in comparison with the other methods of body modifications i.e. it runs lower risks of skin infection.

Wrapping Up

By now, we all have formed a fine idea about scarification. The main nature of it that has been etched in our minds is that scarification causes extreme pain in the human body as it is known to all of us that skin is the most sensitive part of our body. Even the bite of an ant is not tolerable to us. So this raises a question in our mind if scarification is so painful then why do people, even if the number is few, go through such a painful process.

Well, this is a matter of controversy. Society is a collection of psychological beings – Arnab Chakraborty (in a private interview). Owing to this view and also owing to the research, it is ruled out that some do it as they consider it as an extreme form of art and some do it as they consider it as barbarism in an artful manner.

Now to make the psychological point more clear, the people who undergo scarification believe that if they endure the extremes forms of pain such as this method of scarring then handling the daily rigours of life gets easier. Scarification is also considered taboo by many. People who consider this a taboo are not very wrong as the methods that scarification involves are nothing less than the tortures that used to take place during medieval times.

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