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Top 15 Psychological Tricks that are Quite Effective

In life, we often search for shortcuts to help make things easier. The human mind is very complex and it is often difficult to predict other people’s behaviour while interacting with them....

Top 15 Weird Psychological Disorders You Should Know About

Psychological disorders are a pretty normal occurrence in this extremely occupied world where none of us seems to have the time to divert to our mental health however, there are some disorders...

Top 15 Most Common and Severe Mental Illnesses

There are more than 200 classified forms of mental illness, some of which you may have heard. Mental illnesses can affect not only the patient but the people around them as well. If not treated cautiously the illness can cause great harm to a number of people. Below is the list of the worst mental illnesses that affects people in horrifying ways.

Top 15 Non-Fiction Books That Will Make You Smarter

We often want to learn more about things around us, but don't know where to begin. Books, especially non-fiction, can be of great use for this purpose. Unfortunately, a lot of people...

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