Top 15 Things That Happened With X-Men Members in Comics

Comic Books love to push boundaries and that’s why it is common to find shocking twists and surprises but sometimes the boundaries are pushed so far that the boundaries are not visible at all to either the critics or the audiences. Here is a list of all the weird things that have happened with different members of X-Men in the comics.

Top 15 Things That Happened With X-Men Members in Comics

1. Incest Alert: Wanda and Pietro

In Ultimates #3, Wolverine watched Wanda and Pietro consummate their incestuous relationship in the middle of the woods. Not only is his watching them weird but also the fact that there is a huge possibility that he might be the father of the twins!

2. Our Beloved Leader Charles Xavier Is A Pedophile!

In 1963’s Uncanny X-Men #3, Charles Xavier was secretly in love with his underage student Jean Grey, and the only thing that stopped him from confessing was him being bound to his wheelchair! As if it’s only his disability which is a hurdle, not the fact that he is a middle-aged teacher of the underage girl he is in love with.

3. Jean Grey Forcibly Outed Her Friend

LGBTQ representation in comics is important considering the fact that LGBTQ characters were historically omitted or censored but the way in which Bobby had to come out was problematic. Jean had promised not to use her psychic powers on her team-mates and also Bobby had been her friend for a long time, she still read his mind invading his privacy, didn’t give him the chance to come out according to his wishes and disclosed Bobby’s biggest secret without his consent.

4. Let’s have sex in the sky… ABOVE MY MOTHER

In another infamous Uncanny X-Men storyline, Archangel / Warren has sex with his 19-year-old girlfriend Husk / Paige in the sky and just below them, we have Paige’s mother watching them unwillingly. Warren even tossed Paige’s dress down for others to see which included Paige’s mother.

5. Magneto has interesting ideas to humiliate X-Men

Magneto kidnapped and reduced the motor functions of X-Men to an infantile state then he used a robot to babysit them. Erik literally thought that doing this was the best way to humiliate X-Men. C’mon Erik, grow up!

6. No problems at all because, “Maybe, it’ll grow back bigger.” – Wolverine.

Wolverine once squared off against the Hood who shot him repeatedly in the crotch but Wolverine isn’t dismayed, in fact, he actually looks forward to it growing back bigger.

7. Creepy relationship between Kitty and Colossus 

When Kitty was 13-14 years old, she had a crush on her teacher and mentor: Colossus who was 19 years old and he reciprocated her feelings. They made out from time to time and even lovingly thought about getting married in the future in Uncanny X-Men #175. Kitty began spending time with a new guy of her age when Colossus was busy on his missions with X-Men, he was super-jealous and even confessed to Wolverine how he would have married her by now if they were in the Soviet Union.

Meanwhile, Kitty marries a Morlock to save Colossus but the Morlock let’s her go when he sees that Kitty was only with him to save Colossus. However, Colossus broke up with Kitty because he fell in love with a healer-alien who died to save his life and the X-Men team chastised Colossus(FINALLY!). They didn’t see each other again for years but recently have started dating again and were engaged for a while too! However, their relationship history is just messed up.

8. Rogue Married Magneto!

All the fans agree that Rogue has terrible taste in men. She chose Magneto over Gambit during the Age of Apocalypse storyline even though she and Gambit had a lot of history together. Not only did she marry Magneto but also somehow, they managed to have a kid together and named him; “Charles” after you know who… Prof. X.

9. What’s your superpower? Tattoos!

This is not a joke. Christine Cord, a mutant in Xavier’s school who actually became part of the X-Men had the ability to display messages and designs on her skin. How would this superpower ever help the X-Men in fighting villains on the roads to destroy planets or people? We have no ideas and probably the writers also had no ideas so they gave her elastic powers instead in the later issues of her introduction.

10. Wolverine is a total pervert

One day, Wolverine wakes up in Peter Parker’s body and he realizes that he is fifteen and has a fifteen-year-old girlfriend now. Then, in high school, he drools over young girls who are cheerleading and we later come to know that Logan may have over-stepped some boundaries with Peter’s girlfriend as she tells him not to do that stuff until they are older. He has no regrets and even slyly smiles when Cyclops asks him about his high-school experience in Peter’s body.

11. Cyclops Married the Exact Clone of His Dead Girlfriend!

Cyclops has always been crazily obsessed with Jean and just after Jean died, Madelyne Pryor came into the life of Cyclops and he did the most logical thing ever: MARRY HER! The perfect love story? Not at all.

12. Cable as a child was sacrificed by his own mother!

Madelyne Pryor with the help of a demon lord reached her full potential as the clone of Jean Grey, in return, the lord wanted access inside the world and to do that Pryor was required to sacrifice thirteen babies to open a portal. She coldly, tossed her own baby Nathan / Cable in the sky as part of the sacrifice!

13. Incest Alert! Again? Kurt and Amanda

Although Amanda was his adopted sister still its weird. When Nightcrawler realized he was dating his sister, he was not shocked. Actually, he remarked that he would have made out with her immediately if Kitty wasn’t around at the time.

14. Cougar Alert! Mystique and her daughter’s boyfriend

She wanted to prove to Rogue that Gambit was not the right guy for her so she came up with the ingenious idea of seducing Gambit while she posed as an underage student from Xavier’s School. Well, the good part was that Gambit totally refused her advances.

15. Cyclops made out with Emma Frost on his wife’s grave!

Cyclops looks like the perfect husband but he is not. He has cheated on Jean multiple times with Frost and has also cheated on Frost with Jean but one of the worst things that he did was to make out on the grave of his wife with Emma Frost who was his mistress before the death of his wife.

These are the top messed-up things that have happened with various X-Men members which shocked comic-book fans of X-Men. Fans really wish to forget and never think about these things again.

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