Top 15 Conspiracy Theories From Reddit/Twitter

Brittanica defines Conspiracy theory as “an attempt to explain harmful or tragic events as the result of actions of a small powerful group, rejecting the accepted narrative around these events”. Although conspiracy theories might serve as red herrings in practical life, reading about them is nothing short of reading a thriller fiction. Listed below are the top 15 Conspiracy theories discussed on Reddit and Twitter. Do you know about any of these?

Top 15 Conspiracy Theories From Reddit/Twitter

1. Modern Art Scam

Modern art auctions are a front for money-laundering practices.

2. Area 51 Decoy

For the longest time, Area 51 has been under the spotlight as a secret hide-out base of the extra-terrestrials. However, another conspiracy theory suggests that Area 51 is a decoy to avoid gathering the public’s attention towards the real military base of the USA.

3. Facial Recognition

The “Ten Years Challenge” was designed for Artificial Intelligence to improve upon facial recognition, serving as “data mining”.

4. The Roswell Crash

While speculations about the Roswell crash being about a UFO crashing on the earth have lingered for quite a few decades, a new conspiracy theory turns it around to say that the Roswell incident was a soviet aircraft crash.

5. Purses Versus Pockets

Fashion industries are purposely keeping pockets in women’s clothing non-existent or small to amplify the sale of purses.

6. Surveillance

With the advent of social media platforms, users themselves often became the product as their sensitive information was sold by social-media platforms to other companies, particularly through the use of “cookies”.

7. The Matrix

Many conspiracy theorists believe that we live in a huge simulation and that experiences such as “déjà vu” are glitches in the simulation.

8. Fake Moon Landing

The idea of a faked landing on Mars by NASA astronauts portrayed in the 1978 movie “Capricorn One” possibly first gave wings to the conspiracy theory that the first landing on the moon had been a hoax.

9. No Moon

Some conspiracy theorists proclaim that the moon is a projection or a holograph!

10. Jewish World Domination

A hoax book titled “The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion” described a conspiracy by the Jews to achieve world domination. It was even used by Hitler to justify Nazi Holocaust.

11. Big Pharma

There are conspiracy theories circulating that state that pharmaceutical companies deliberately avoid creating permanent cures to keep profiting off of people who are sick and need treatment.

12. Reptilians

This one is probably straight out of a sci-fi movie! The supporters of this theory believe that the world is being run by reptilians undercover as humans.

13. Chemtrails

This theory propagates the idea that planes spray “chemtrails” or chemicals to allow the government to control people better.

14. Men in Black

A squad of men dressed in black formal wear threatens UFO witnesses to stay quiet about their experience.

15. Project Blue Book

A mission by the US Government to examine instances of alleged alien contact.

Reading up about conspiracy theories seems to be a fun way to look at an alternate perspective of events and a great source of entertainment.

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