Top 15 Affordable Delicacies to Team Up Your Wine With.

All those imported and expensive cheese and chocolates, you don’t need them now to enjoy your wine with. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Break-up, Patch-up, you can enjoy these pairings anytime on any occasion. Happy wine-ing. 

1.Chocolate covered Strawberries.

Sweet tiny red balls of happiness, blesses our taste buds when paired with rose wine. A date night including this combo can really do wonders, must try.

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2.White chocolate.

White chocolate is not considered as chocolate by many as it does not contain cocoa, but cocoa fat only. Which makes it versatile to pair with wines like Rose port, Ice wine, Muscat.

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3.Creamy Spinach Dishes.

We have seen Popeye gulping down a can and getting instant popping biceps. Spinach surely doesn’t give us those instant biceps but it assuredly complements the glass of white wine you love.

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4.Shahi Paneer.

Perfectly mouthwatering smooth texture of the gravy may leave us day dreaming, guess what wonders it will do after pairing it up with breads, chutney and Riesling.

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An Indian dish with chicken/fish, paneer (cottage cheese), vegetables, stir-fried and served in thick spicy sauce. Jalfrezi can be a good accessory to rose wine.

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6.Tandoori Chicken.

Charismatic aroma of marinated chicken is the soul mate of Pinot Noir, Merlot, Oaked Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and Riesling. Tandoori Chicken is one hell of a man.

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7.Dal Chawal.

Add sparkles to your daily dal chawal with a glass of white wine.

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8.Butter Chicken/ Paneer Butter Masala.

Acidic white wine like Sauvignon Blanc gives the perfect finishing touch to these classical Indian dishes. The acidic taste of the wine flawlessly cuts through the buttery smooth texture.

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9.Cheese Burgers.

Our favorite go to food can really match the elegance of Cabernet Sauvignon.

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 10.Chili Chicken/ Chili Potatoes.

The tongue burning spices can be tamed by accompanying these dishes with dry Riesling.

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Let’s break the taboo of pairing seafood with only white wines, because the tuna also tunes well with a glass of merlot.

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 12.Aloo Paratha.

This entry will be a star at your Sunday brunch parties, pairing aloo parathas with dry white wine can jazz up your brunch parties just like that.

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Light acidic red wines like Tempranillo, can bring your lifeless omelette back to life.

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 14.Chhole Bhature.

If you have OCD, you need to take your chill-pills already, because all the greasy hands you get while eating chhole bhature is going to get transferred on the glass of wine. Chhole bhature gives soft zinfandel or Syrah the appropriate amount of Punjabi mix.

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 15.Rajma Chawal.

Drum-rolls, the National Favorite dish, but for people who loves wine as much, good news, you can have wine with Rajma Chawal as well. Oaked red Amarone or partially Oaked Chardonnay provide the perfect complement.

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Must try these exciting pairings, keep wine-ing. 😉

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