Top 15 Myths about Lord Shiva

We all have heard about the God of all Gods, Shiva, also referred to as Devon Ke Dev, Mahadev or Mahakal, husband of the divine power Mahakali. But do we all actually know who Shiva actually is and several Myths created about him?

Shiva is the divine source of energy that maintains peace and balance in the universe via destruction. He is referred to as the God of destruction and the God who initiates new beginnings as end leads to new beginnings. Here are some myths about him:

Top 15 Myths about Lord Shiva

1. Lord shiva has two sons.

It is believed that Lord Shiva has two sons, Kartikay being the older and Vinayaka being the younger one. There are 8 kids of Shiv Shakti which are namely, Kartikay, Vinayaka, Ashok Sundari, Ayyapan, Mansa, Jalandhar, Andhak and Jyoti.

Shiva is considered to be the Supreme, the god of destruction, the one with all the powers. But the reality is all his powers lies in Goddess Parvati, Shakti of Shiva.

3. Shiva is considered to be a tough, cold-hearted man. But the reality is he is sensitive, emotional and at times innocent, that’s why he is named “BholeNath”.

4. People say that there is no one like Shiva. Though that’s true, Shiva’s look-alike is Jalandhar who wanted to marry Parvati and take her to the Patal Lok- House of Demons, who was later killed by Shiva himself.

5. Shiva has always been assumed to take up one faulty decision at times when he loses his consciousness in his anger, but those steps had their own meanings in the Future. The birth of Matsya Parvati by Shiva’s curse was required so that Goddess Durga comes in existence and kills Mahishasur, one of the powerful demon ruling the downtown.

6. Shiva has been usually portrayed showing anger in the historical anecdotes but in reality, he is a loving husband and a doting father. He is considered to be the ideal husband because of his love and affection towards his wife, Parvati, Adi Parashakti.

7. Shiva is considered to have two wives, Sati and Parvati. But Parvati is the reincarnation of Sati and therefore the two’s existence is actually one who is called Shakti in all the antiquity books.

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8. It is often mistaken that Ganga is Shiva’s second wife, which is actually not true. Though she is in love with him but had not received the right as her wife as Shiva is married only to one soul, Shakti.

9. Shiva has been given power, existence by his wife with whom he fell in love, Mahakali and later came to be known as Mahakal, the god of all gods.

10. Shiva has made 107 attempts to bring out Mahakali from his wives. Parvati has taken 107 forms that weren’t able to convert into Adi Parashakti but Parvati was the last 108th successful attempt.

11. Shiva is worshipped with 108 Bel Patra whenever people perform rituals in his temple. That’s not just a religious fact or tradition, that’s so because Parvati while performing her Tapasya, worshipped him with Bel Patra every day.

12. People at times always carry the image of Shiva as the family person, but the reality is he once was out of the bonds of family and was an Aghori who had no clue what a family was and later got settled and had a complete family.

13. Shiva is considered to be a complete man but the reality is he is incomplete without his wife, Shakti who gives him his complete form, Ardhnareshwar.

14. Shiva uses Weed, a banned substance, which is actually a Myth. Shiva is considered an ideal husband and before that, a God who was never involved with the use of such stuff.

15. Not only a symbol of destruction, but Shiva is also a symbol of Calmness and Peace. And the Snake, SarpRaj Vasuki around Shiva’s neck also reinforces a sense of Stillness and Peace.

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